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Downloads files of a 4chan/8chan thread into a folder with multithreading.


  • Python 2.7
  • requests module


usage: [-h] [-url URL] [-d DESTINATION] [-ext EXTENSION]
                 [-t THREADS] [-w] [-u UPDATE_INTERVAL] [-o]
                 [-gh GEN_HASHLIST]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -url URL, --url URL   The URL of the thread you want to download (4chan and
                        8chan supported).
                        Where the files are to be stored.
  -ext EXTENSION, --extension EXTENSION
                        What file extensions to download, format:
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        How many threads to utilise.
  -w, --watch           Continually search for new images to download.
                        Interval in seconds after which to trigger a new poll
                        update when enabled with -w.
  -o, --original-filenames
                        Whether to use the original filename of the uploaded
  -gh GEN_HASHLIST, --gen-hashlist GEN_HASHLIST
                        Generate hashlist from directory.

URL can be a 4chan or 8chan thread link such as


Example: Download all .webm files of some thread

~/Pictures/Anime - is the folder where the files will be stored -url -d ~/Pictures/Anime -ext webm

You can also download all extensions by leaving the -ext parameter out.

Hash List

The program collects the MD5 hashes supplied by the API and uses them to skip files that already exist in the folder. It stores the hash list in a file it creates called .chandl/hashlist.

If your folder already contains images and you'd like to prevent unnecessary duplicates, you can generate a hash list from a local directory as well.

Example: --gen-hashlist FOLDER