⚡️ A telegram bot for searching all the stickers (just like @gif).
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Sticker Finder (@stfi_bot)

This telegram bot allows you to search your favorite stickers and discover new ones via inline query (just like @gif).

The inline query filters by looking at custom tags, detected text, emojis, sticker set name and title. There already are about 2100 searchable sticker sets with over 110k stickers. And in case the bot is missing some, you can easily add your own precious sets.

Sticker finder is quite fast (about 0.1 sec for each search), supports custom tagging and features fuzzy searching!

There are several ways to conveniently tag stickers: You can tag either in a direct telegram conversation or on the fly in any other chat. I even perform a basic text recognition on all stickers to allow a nice sticker search by text (even though this doesn't work perfectly all the time).

And in case you get bored, you can go ahead and do some good by tagging a few random stickers with the /tag_random functionality.

Feel free to host your own or to use mine on telegram: @stfi_bot


  • Inline query search by tags, text, emoji, stickerset name and title.
  • Dedicated search for sticker packs. Just add pack or set to your search e.g. @stfi_bot kermit set.
  • Fuzzy searching to match similar words or typos.
  • Tagging of single stickers or whole sets.
  • NSFW and Furry filter. Use nsfw or fur tag to explicitly search for this stuff.
  • Sticker set addition in direct conversations or when the bot is added to groups.
  • Random tagging of stickers if you're bored.
  • /vote_ban [reason] for inappropriate sticker sets.
  • A minimalistic mode for groups that don't want user interaction (I already host one with the name @stfil_bot).

Available commands:

/help       Display help
/tag [tags] Tag the last sticker posted in this chat
/tag_set    Start to tag a whole set
/tag_random Get a random sticker for tagging. Crowdsourcing :). Thanks for everybody doing this :)!
/random_set Get a random sticker set.
/skip       Skip the current sticker
/cancel     Cancel all current tag actions
/english    Only english sticker sets and tags
/international Get sticker sets from all all languages.

Installation and starting:

Clone the repository:

% git clone git@github.com:nukesor/stickerfinder && cd stickerfinder

Now copy the stickerfinder/config.example.py to stickerfinder/config.py and adjust all necessary values. Finally execute following commands to install all dependencies and to start the bot:

% make
% ./venv/bin/activate
% ./initdb.py
% ./main.py

When you are updating from a previous version do a alembic upgrade head instead of ./initdb.py. ./initdb.py always wipes your db.

Botfather commands

help - Display help
tag_set - Start to tag a whole set
tag - Tag the last sticker posted in this chat
tag_random - Get a random sticker for tagging. Thanks for doing this :)!
random_set - The bot sends you a random sticker set.
skip - Skip the current sticker
vote_ban - Vote to ban the sticker set of the last sticker in the chat.
cancel - Cancel all current actions.
english - Only english sticker sets and tags
international - Get sticker sets from all all languages.

Dev commands

This is just for people hosting a bot and those with admin permissions:

/ban [name|id] Ban a user
/unban [name|id] Unban a user
/tasks Start to process tasks in a maintenance chat

/delete_set Completely delete a set
/add_set Add multiple sets at once by set_name

/toggle_flag [maintenance|newsfeed] Flag a chat as a maintenance or newsfeed chat. Newsfeed chats get the first sticker of every new set that is added, while all tasks are send to maintenance chats.

/stats Get some statistics
/refresh Refresh all stickerpacks.
/refresh_ocr Refresh all stickerpacks including ocr.
/broadcast Send the message after this command to all users.