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@@ -22,24 +22,33 @@ __A Nuclear-Powered Server Software For Minecraft: Pocket Edition__
-Get Nukkit
-* __[Official Site](
-* __[Circle CI]( (**login required**)
-* __[Jenkins](
Nukkit is nuclear-powered server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.
-It has a few key advantages over PocketMine-MP:
+It has a few key advantages over other server software:
* Written in Java, Nukkit is faster and more stable.
-* Having a similar structure with PocketMine-MP, because of this it's easy to contribute to Nukkit's development. And it is also easy to rewrite PocketMine-MP plugins into Nukkit plugins.
+* Having a friendly structure, it's easy to contribute to Nukkit's development and rewrite plugins from other platforms into Nukkit plugins.
+Nukkit is **under improvement** yet, we welcome contributions.
+Get Nukkit & Plugins
-However, Nukkit is **not finished** yet. We welcome contributions.
+####Recommended Sites
+* __[Official Site](
+* __[Jar Download at Circle CI]( (**login required**)
+* __[Discussion](#discussion)__
+*Thank you for visiting our official sites. Our official websites are provided free of charge, and we do not like to place ads on the home page affecting your reading. If you like this project, please [donate us]( All the donations will only be used for Nukkit websites and services.*
+####Unofficial Download Mirrors
+*These sites are provided by our users, Nukkit stuff are not responsible for the reliability of these sites. Jar files downloaded here are only for reference - to try the latest update or for commercial uses, compile by yourself.*
+* __[Jenkins by MengCraft]( (**UNOFFICIAL**)
Build JAR file
@@ -58,9 +67,9 @@ Example Plugin which shows the API of Nukkit.
* __[Example Plugin](
-There's some developer's tools for Nukkit.
+Development Tools
+There're some tools for Nukkit developers.
* __[FDevTools]( (**Load source and pack them easily**)
* __[PocketServer]( (**Run Nukkit on android devices**)

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