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Added Sarokcat Sharks

Signed-off-by: David Silver <>
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Nuku committed Aug 19, 2011
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@@ -702,6 +702,7 @@ Include Tiger by Sarokcat.
Include Tigertaur by Sarokcat.
Include Tiger Den by Sarokcat.
Include Sphinx by Sarokcat.
Include Pirate Shark by Sarokcat.
Include Approaching the Capitol Building for FS by Sweraptor.
Include Ash Dragator for FS by Sweraptor.
Include Ash Whelp For FS by Sweraptor.
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Pirate shark by Sarokcat begins here.
[ Edit the above line, replace monster name with your monster's name, and your name with the name you'd like credited for the mod. ]

"Adds a shark to Flexible Survivals Wandering Monsters table, With Impreg chance"
[Description text for this Extension.]

Section 1 - Monster Responses

[ Use To say for overlong behaviours that would make the table difficult to read and understand. Typically needed if there are alot of cock/species/cunt checks. ]

to say shark attack:
if cunts of player is greater than 0:
say "The piratatical shark grins down at you as you fall before her might, her sharp teeth flashing threateningly as she looks down at your defeated form. 'Ah now here is some fine booty just waiting to be had,' The shark says with a smug look as it moves over you, her rough body pressing your back into the ground and making you shudder as she rubs her slightly damp rough skin up against you, and you can feel something soft rubbing against your wet entrance. You stare in a mixture of horror and increasing arousal as you look down to see that a rather unusually shaped sharklike cock is probing at your body, while the shark beast holds you helpless underneath her. Soon her strange member works its way into you, making you squirm as it probes your depths, then the tip and sides of her cock seem to expand, locking her tightly within you. 'Now you can[apostrophe]t escape me my little treasure,' The shark above you says as she relaxes her grip, letting her webbed hands rub along your sides teasingly. 'And I think it[apostrophe]s time for me to 'bury' a little treasure of my own inside you...' The pirate shark says with evil satisfaction, as her cock moves and twitches within you in time to her short soft thrusts, causing you to writhe underneath her helplessly as her cock sends waves of pleasure through your body. Soon you can barely think as the sharklike beast increases speed, her cock twisting and twitching inside you in ways you never imagined possible, bringing you to orgasm several times before she finally shoots her own load deep into you. You can hear her chuckle slightly as she plunders your tired body, her cock pumping its warm seed into you, and then it finally releases you as she pulls out, leaving you lying there on the ground as little more then a helpless incubator for her fertile seed. 'I do hope it takes, but you should come back later anyways little pet,' The smug shark says as she stands over you, 'I[apostrophe]m sure I can find some more 'treasure' to bury within you next time you visit' The piratical shark says, tossing you a grin as she pets your stomach full of her seed with her webbed hand for a second, before turning and diving back into the water.[impregchance]";
say "The pirate shark grins at you as you collapse helplessly at her feet, her eyes running over your body with a hungry gleam, as her mouth opens wide in a sharklike grin as she reaches out with one of her webbed hands, and rubs it along your cock, making you gasp and stiffen at the feel of her rough palm on your sensitive skin. 'Well now it looks like I win,' The sharklike beast says in a teasing tone of voice as she pushes you down onto your back, 'And now I get to collect my treasure,' The beast groans as she lowers herself down onto your stiff cock, her strangely shaped walls gripping and tugging at your cock pleasurably as you moan underneath her.[line break]";
say "You moan helplessly under the sharklike beast, as her hands roam your body, fondling and stroking you while her excited passage strokes and grips your cock. The feel of her rough wet skin rubbing up against your sensitive body makes you groan, your body growing even more sensitive to her touch by the second. You lose track of time entirely as you give yourself over to the pleasure the shark beast is wringing from your body, your hips rising and moving into her almost on their own as her wet passage sucks and massages your cock. 'Mmm yes, give it to me,' The shark moans above you as she reaches down to fondle your balls for a second, 'Fill me up with that fertile treasure you are hiding down there,' She pants above you as your body tenses in orgasm, your cock twitching as it shoots its load deep into her body. 'Yes!' she cries out above you, her body arching in pleasure as she milks your cock for all it is worth. 'Give it to me, it[apostrophe]s all mine, my treasure...' She pants above you, one of her hands holding her up as the other traces down her stomach to where your bodies are joined together still, her walls clenching tightly around you as they strive to milk your depleted cock of every drop of seed. When she realizes you are completely spent, the sharklike pirate pulls herself off you, and gives you an evil grin as she adjusts her bandanna slightly. 'That was some good plunder,' She says as she looks down at your spent form for a minute, idly rubbing herself in pleasure. 'Be sure to come back this way again sometime soon once you have got some more treasure now, I look forward to plundering from you again.' She says with a wink before she turns and dives into the waves.";

To say shark loss:
say "Your blows send the pirate shark reeling backwards, making the strange beast cry out in pain, before you can press the advantage though, the sharklike pirate turns and dives into the water again, her tail and her fin cutting through the water as she flees, somehow though, you don[apostrophe]t think you have seen the last of these shark pirates....";

Section 2 - Monster Insertion

Table of random critters (continued)
name attack defeated victory desc face body skin tail cock face change body change skin change ass change cock change str dex sta per int cha sex hp lev wdam area cocks cock length cock width breasts breast size male breast size cunts cunt length cunt width libido loot lootchance
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

[ Adds a blank row to the table, this is immediately filled ;) ]
When Play begins:
Choose a blank row from Table of random critters;
now name entry is "pirate shark"; [Name of your new Monster]
now attack entry is "[one of]She drags you towards the water with a sneer.[or]The beast manages to get your head under the surface of the water, holding you down a moment.[or]The powerful beast tosses you into the water painfully before chasing after you.[or]Her sharp shark teeth snap at you viciously, tearing and rending at your body![or]She charges at you with her sleek form, knocking you down painfully.[or]She twists around for a second, bringing her large sharklike tail around in a powerful slap![at random]"; [Text used when the monster makes an Attack]
now defeated entry is "[shark loss]"; [ Text or say command used when Monster is defeated.]
now victory entry is "[shark attack]"; [ Text used when monster wins, can be directly entered like combat text or description. or if more complex it can be linked to a 'To Say' block as the demonstration text shows.]
now desc entry is "All of a sudden you notice a triangular fin cutting through the water nearby heading right for you! Before you can respond, there is a loud splash as a sharklike beast erupts out of the water, its strange and sudden appearance startling you as you stare at it. The beast seems to be a cross between a shark and a person, with webbed hands and feet, as well as small breastlike bulges on its torso and a rather obvious sharklike genital slit between its legs, from which you can see the tip of a slight pink cock poking, as well as a slight wet opening below that. Its long sharklike tail lashes against the ground behind it as it stares at you in obvious desire, its mouth pulled back in a grin exposing its many serrated teeth. Its head seems to sport a rather jaunty looking pirate bandanna with a skull with shark teeth above crossed bones, a similar bandanna is tied to the beasts upper arm, is this some sort of pirate shark? you find yourself thinking as it stalks forward. Its mouth opening in a grin as it says '[one of]Surrender the booty![or]Time to do some plunderin![or]You will make a fine addition to my crew![or]I think I might keep you![or]Your mine now![or]Looks like I found myself a treasure![or]You won[apostrophe]t be getting away from me![or]I knew i[apostrophe]d find me some treasure in these waters![at random]' The beast grins as it charges, its intentions clear!";[ Description of the creature when you encounter it.]
now face entry is "rough sharklike snout, above a mouth filled with sharp jagged sharklike teeth stretching out in an easy grin, giving you a very sharklike";[ Face description, format as the text "Your have a (your text) face."]
now body entry is "long and sleek, its rounded shape perfect for cutting through the water, aided by your long sharklike dorsal fin, and your webbed hands and feet, you feel like you would be a terror in any underwater situation, though moving around on land is slightly awkward.";[ Body Description, format as the text "Your Body is (your text)"]
now skin entry is "[one of]sharklike[or]rough pebbled[or]rough grey[at random]";[ skin Description, format as the text "You have (your text) skin"]
now tail entry is "You have a long sharklike tail dragging along the ground behind you, its circular shape narrows down until it broadens out into a very sharklike set of fins. It is covered in [skin of player] flesh and drags slightly along the ground behind you with every step, forcing you to lean forward as you walk. You cant help but feeling it would be much less awkward if you could just get it in the water. ";[ Tail description, write a whole Sentence or leave blank. ]
now cock entry is "[one of]prehensile[or]flexible[or]forked[or]sharklike[at random]";[ Cock Description, format as you have a 'size' (your text) cock]
now face change entry is "it presses forward, your nose flattening into thin slits as your mouth erupts with sharp sharklike teeth, gills explode along the side of your neck as your eyes shift slightly and your hair disappears, leaving you with a predatory sharklike appearance."; [ face change text. format as "Your face feels funny as (your text)" ]
now body change entry is "it seems to twist and change, elongating into a longer, sleeker form better suited for cutting through the water, your hands and feet seem to draw up somewhat closer to the body, and thick webbing spreads between your fingers and toes, you groan as a large sharkline fin forces its way out from your spine, as your body finishes changing you into a form better able to survive in an aquatic enviornment, and prey upon anything you find there."; [ body change text. format as "Your body feels funny as (your text)" ]
now skin change entry is "your flesh becomes tougher and thicker, seeming to become slightly pebbled and greyish as it changes to resemble that of a shark, making you feel somewhat dry and uncomfortable out of the water."; [ skin change text. format as "Your skin feels funny as (your text)" ]
now ass change entry is "your rear seems to stretch out behind you as your body is forced to tilt forward to balance the large sharklike tail forming behind you, you groan as your long new tail flattens out at the tip, into two large fins, and a smaller fin grows from just before the tip, you new tail dragging behind you as you move around on the land, but you somehow know that it will be a big asset to you the next time you go in the water..."; [ ass/tail change text. format as "Your ass feels funny as (your text)" ]
now cock change entry is "it changes and draws up into your body, tucking itself inside your new protective slit, teasing it out for a minute, you can see it has split into a more forked and prehensile like member, much like a sharks"; [ cock change text. format as "Your cock feels funny as (your text)" ]
now str entry is 19;
now dex entry is 13;
now sta entry is 18;
now per entry is 12;
now int entry is 12;
now cha entry is 10;
now sex entry is "Both"; [ Defines which sex the infection will try and make you. current options are 'Male' 'Female' 'Both']
now hp entry is 45; [ How many HP has the monster got? ]
now lev entry is 7; [ Level of the Monster, you get this much hp if you win, or this much hp halved if you loose ]
now wdam entry is 12; [Amount of Damage monster Does when attacking.]
now area entry is "beach"; [ Current options are 'Outside' and 'Mall' Case sensitive]
now cocks entry is 1; [ How many cocks will the infection try and cause if sex is 'Male' or 'Both']
now cock length entry is 8; [ Length infection will make cock grow to if cocks]
now cock width entry is 6; [ Size of balls apparently ;) sneaky Nuku]
now breasts entry is 2; [ Number of Breasts infection will give you. ]
now breast size entry is 5; [Size of breasts infection will try to attain ]
now male breast size entry is 0; [ Breast size for if Sex="Male", usually zero. ]
now cunts entry is 1; [ if sex = "Female or both", indicates the number of female sexes infection will grant you.]
now cunt length entry is 8; [ Length of female sex infection will attempt to give you. ]
now cunt width entry is 6; [ Width of female sex infection will try and give you ]
now libido entry is 30; [ Amount player Libido will go up if defeated ]
now loot entry is "pirate bandanna"; [ Loot monster drops, ]
now lootchance entry is 50; [ Chance of loot dropping 0-100 ]

Table of Game Objects (continued)
name desc weight object
"pirate bandanna" "A slightly damp bit of black cloth, with a skull and crossbones on the front, closer inspection reveals that the skull has sharp sharklike teeth." 1 pirate bandanna

pirate bandanna is a grab object. It is part of the player. Understand "bandanna" and "bandana" as pirate bandanna. Pirate bandanna is infectious. The strain of pirate bandanna is "pirate shark".

The usedesc of pirate bandanna is "Looking at the small piece of cloth, you decide to put it on for a minute, tieing it around your head and grinning at the vicious look it gives you. You pose for a minute in your new bandanna, before the much abused cloth finally tears and falls to the ground, you sigh sadly at the loss of your new fashion accessory, but still feel much more piratical afterwards.";

when play ends:
if bodyname of player is "pirate shark":
if humanity of player is less than 10:
say "Finally giving in to your new instincts, you return to the coast and head out into the sea, leaving the military and the other infected to fight over the city itself, you realize there is a whole world out there for you to plunder instead. Soon you run into several other piratical sharks, and working together you manage to overwhelm small ships, moving your way from marina to marina as you convert the ship owners into fellow sharks, employing them as lesser crew members, and gathering a small fleet of lesser boats to transport your loot from place to place. Eventually with several different crews working together you manage to start taking cruise ships, and transport liners, your and your fellow pirates influence spreading throughout the ocean by leaps and bounds as your numbers increase as do your captured ships. While several navies try to find and stop you, your ability to vanish into the waves, only to appear again swarming up the sides of the navies boats, soon makes this a losing proposition for the navies, and nets you several well armed boats as well. Eventually you and your fellow sharks rule the oceans in all but name, and those traveling on them bring you tribute in order to pass unmolested, and you settle down on a small island of your own, with your crew at hand, and proceed to enjoy the leisurely life of a successful pirate, and breed the next generation with the best members of your transformed crew...";
say "Rescued from the doomed city with your humanity still intact, you find most people are just not ready or willing to accept someone as sharklike as you are, leaving you as somewhat of an outcast in normal society. It doesn[apostrophe]t help matters any that you still have sudden urges to take what you want and to hell with anyone or anything in the way. You try several different jobs in an attempt to find ways to channel your aggressive tendancies, in all cases however you eventually get frustrated and snap at your co workers or boss and end up looking for yet another job. Eventually you give up trying to live a normal life in a city, and move down to a smaller town on one of the coasts, where you buy a boat, and can fish and enjoy the coastline to your hearts content. On one of your swims off the coast you manage to find the wreck of an older boat, and while there wasn[apostrophe]t any treasure to be found there, this leads you to find your new calling in life. Your sharklike features and swimming ability make you the perfect salvage diver, able to scout for and find wrecks with an ease most other divers envy, you even start a small tourist side buisness showing tourists some of the more interesting wrecks you have found. Most normal sharks steer clear of you in the water as well, making you feel safe and powerful when you dive, on one occasion a shark seems to take a liking to you, and hangs around you while you dive, and even follows your boat back to the small cove you call home. Curious you spend some time diving with this strange shark, as it rubs its sides up against you and teases at you, and you finally realize just what it is after, you had pretty much despaired of finding sexual satisifaction amongst the humans who were intimidated by your sharklike looks, but it looks like you managed to find yourself a mate on the other end of the spectrum instead.";

[ Edit this to have the correct Name as wall]
Pirate shark ends here.

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