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Update Dino Pack.i7x

Added a new scene to the Dino Pack enemy.
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Qazarar committed Jun 28, 2019
1 parent 28aaf17 commit 1eec595c0fcc5c066ebd559801d028d651d066d9
Showing with 9 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +9 −2 Qazarar/Dino Pack.i7x
@@ -8,9 +8,16 @@ to say DinoPackLoss:
if inasituation is true: [special event]
say ""; [dealt with in the file where the event is described]
else: [regular scene]
if (mdasslevel > 5 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds and 20000 < 1): [anal focused gangbang] [TODO: Fill in missing scene; disabled till then]
if (mdasslevel > 5 and a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds): [anal focused gangbang]
say " The pack finally wears you out, and you crumple to your knees. For a moment, they circle around you, laughing their strange reptilian laugh. Before you have any time to rest, however, a pair of them stalk forward. Together they grab you, and force your head and upper body down towards the ground, leaving your huge ass sticking out and completely vulnerable. You are completely at their mercy, but they do not take advantage of your defenseless state, instead continuining their prowling dance around you. You know instinctively that they won't let you get away unfucked, and they are merely toying with their prey, as is their right as the victors.";
say " A";
say " Knowing there's no point in resisting, you instead submit to their plans, fully embracing whatever they do to you. The dinos seem to be pleased by how quickly you give in, and the tight circle around you draws in even closer. Before, they made you beg and plead before they would give you even the slightest taste of pleasure, and this time they do the opposite to you. They press in all around you, and with no time wasted whatsoever, they start tussling to see who gets the first go at you, masturbating furiously above you, and more besides. Though you can't clearly see the ones behind you, you can feel the occasional massive cock slapping against your titanic ass, leaving it jiggling each time. The clamor quiets down when one finally claims the honor of pounding you first - by virtue of slamming his huge dino dick home, directly into your waiting passage.";
say " You jolt unconsciously in reaction to the sudden pleasure, the minor discomforts of the rapid assault all being overwhelmed by the feeling of fullness deep within you, and the sensations emenating outward from the penetration. For a moment, that initial thrust is the only thing you can think of, your entire world comprised of his cock and your ass. Then it comes crashing down, beautifully, as he begins thrusting into your huge rear. Once more you become aware of the other dinosaurs, all watching you get fucked, eagerly awaiting their turn, each one showing off their delicious looking dicks to you. Some teasing their shafts with their claws, others being toyed with by your hands, something you didn't even realize you were doing. Your vision is as full of oversized reptilian members as you are.";
say " The constant pounding in and out drives you forward, wildly indulging in all the pleasures offered by the dinosaurs around you. Each thrust reminds you of why you gave in so easily to the dinos, the cavalcade of cocks encouraging you to be the slut you already were within. Eventually, the almost meditative bliss you had reached from being fucked is made even more incredible by the first of many cocks reaching its peak, and spilling its reptilian seed deep into your rear. Several of the others immediately start to match it, unleashing torrents of cream across your face and hands, with several other jets covering your massive jiggling ass. As the little dinos who have finished start to pull away from you, leaving you empty, you beg to be filled again and again by them.";
say " Fortunately for you, the pack of dinosaurs is ready to save you from the the discomfort of leaving your ass unfilled. The mass around you shifts, several new members jockeying for space around you, once more surrounding you in fresh dicks. Even faster than before, they resolve into new positions, leaving you once more taking care of several with your hands and mouth, and a new lining up the tip of his massive shaft with your back entryway. However, right as he began to thrust into you, another dino decides not to wait, and presses his member up against your opening as well. Your eyes widen, but you're unable to do anything more than wiggle your ass slightly, something that doesn't deter them in the least. The newest dino behind you starts to apply pressure, and after a moment, his cock manages to stretch you enough to start sliding in alongside the other shaft, the two incredibly large members teaming up to spread you open more than ever before.";
say " So much is going on that you can't focus on any one source of pleasure, instead being overwhelmed from every angle. Your attention drifts back and forth to the various ways you're being used by the dinos. Several members of the pack start to erupt onto you even as you're being railed by two at once, and yet another one starts to shoot more of their enchanted jizz down your throat. The pair behind you lose their previous rythm, and start to thrust in and out at different times from the other, leaving you completely overpowered by the sensation. Being fucked in so many ways by the reptiles leaves you completely out of it, becoming nothing more than a receptacle for their lusts.";
say " Finally, they reach the end of their use of you, every last one still toying with you slamming completely in, before unleashing a flood of seed into both ends. You can still feel your rear rippling from that final thrust, as their massive balls work overtime to stuff as much into you as possible. Just when you muster the concentration to wonder if you can even take any more, their overpowering orgasms come to an end, and they pull their oversized shafts slowly out of you. You're left dazed in the middle of a pool of cum almost as wide as your ass, with your hole still gaped open from your rough treatment. In contrast, the pack around you seems somewhat worn out, but their smug aura is unchanged. 'Well, that was a good time, little slut. I know you'll be coming back for more sooner or later, and we'll be happy to treat you right again.' Once more they let out their mocking laughter as they leave you to recover from their victory, and the only thing you wonder is what they'll do next time.";
infect "Magic Drake";
else: [teasing, blowjobs, and bukkake]
say " The pack finally wears you out, and you crumple to your knees. They start to circle around you, and make sounds that seem to be laughter. '[if mdasslevel > 2]It seems you're just as much of a little weakling as the mistress said, practically asking to get defeated by us. I think[else]Oh, you barely put up a fight. I guess you were just asking for this, hmm? Well,[end if] it's about time for us to show you why we're the real hunters around here.' You can't help but nod along, already giving up control to the superior dinosaurs. In moments, their circle draws closer, and their massive shafts seem to grow even harder and more enticing, clearly preparing to show you your proper place. Finally the one that spoke stops moving when he is directly in front of you, his huge member pointing directly at your face. He makes no motion to bring it closer to you, [if player is submissive]but you still find yourself licking your lips in anticipation before stopping[else]clearly taunting you[end if].";

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