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Tiger Shark Warrior Images

Addition and inclusion of Images by Zealot.
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WastelandWanderer committed Jan 1, 2018
1 parent c199ba8 commit ba874dcd9ef48e14449218f9e21877ab3db977c5
@@ -272,6 +272,10 @@ Figure of Thomas_soft_icon is the file "Thomas_soft.jpg".
Figure of Toven_clothed_icon is the file "Toven_clothed.jpg".
Figure of Toven_naked_icon is the file "Toven_naked.jpg".
Figure of Tristian_icon is the file "Tristian.jpg".
Figure of TSW_icon is the file "TSW.jpg".
Figure of TSW_headshot_icon is the file "TSW_headshot.png".
Figure of TSW_naked_icon is the file "TSW_naked.jpg".
Figure of TSW_sansNecklace_icon is the file "TSW_sansNecklace.jpg".
Figure of Urik_ass_icon is the file "Urik_ass.jpg".
Figure of Urik_clothed_icon is the file "Urik_clothed.jpg".
Figure of Urik_face_icon is the file "Urik_face.jpg".
@@ -706,6 +710,10 @@ title icon(figure name) artist backgroundcolor formatrule
"Thomas_soft" Figure of Thomas_soft_icon "Inkydemon" g-black "normal"
"Thought Eater" Figure of ThoughtEater_icon "Rastear" g-black "normal"
"Tiger Cop" Figure of SgtMarks_icon "Anyare" g-black "normal"
"Tiger Shark" Figure of TSW_icon "Zealot" g-black "normal"
"TSW_headshot" Figure of TSW_headshot_icon "Zealot" g-black "normal"
"TSW_naked" Figure of TSW_naked_icon "Zealot" g-black "normal"
"TSW_sansNecklace" Figure of TSW_sansNecklace_icon "Zealot" g-black "normal"
"Tigress Hooker" Figure of TigressHooker_icon "Sharei" g-black "normal"
"TinyTim" Figure of TinyTim_icon "Obieblu" g-black "normal"
"Tiny_In_Action" Figure of TinyTim_In_Action_icon "Obieblu" g-black "normal"
@@ -940,6 +948,7 @@ carry out artistcredits:
say " Sidney by Anymouse1968 @[line break]";
say " Sonny by The_Negative @ / Colors by nokturnalkittie @[line break]";
say " Thomas by Inkydemon @[line break]";
say " Tiger Shark Warrior by Zealot @[line break]";
say " Tiny Tim by Obieblu @[line break]";
say " Toven by Kupo Klein @[line break]";
say " Tristian by Enaya-TheWhiteWolfen @";
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.
Binary file not shown.
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ when play begins:
Instead of resolving Shark Warrior:
say " As usual, you walk parallel to the open sea. The sound of a soft breeze permeates the area, keeping the sea in motion and whirling a bit of the dry sand near your feet around. It also brings the familiar, salty ocean smell to your nostrils. Enjoying the view, you take a moment to just stand there and let the sounds soothe you. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long; the silence is disturbed by a great splash in the water. A feral sea dragon surfaces with a loud and angry roar. Just a moment later you see that the dragon is flailing around, trying to hit something desperately before the struggling creature sinks back into the blue.";
project the Figure of TSW_icon;
say " You can briefly spot an ochre humanoid on the creature's belly, wrestling with the angry monster. After a while of staring at the spot where both of them submerged into the water, a tiger shark surfaces. His naked body is pretty built and shows some scars along his hide, proof of his constant strife in this world. He's also adorned with a couple of trinkets; a selection of teeth, presumably some of the dragons' he beat, are braided together into a ligature around his neck, and there's also a rope tied around his hips. The rope is equipped with a couple of small bags and has a bit of kelp hanging from it. He turns towards you in the banks, appraising the witness of his battle.";
if (bodyname of player is "Feral Sea Dragon" and player is pure) or (bodyname of player is "Feral Sea Dragoness" and player is pure): [Check if the player is a pure feral sea dragon/ess]
@@ -114,6 +115,7 @@ to say TigerSharkDesc:
now tsw_fsd is 1;
now tsw_fsd is 2;
project the Figure of TSW_icon;
say " You are faced with a [bold type]scarred[roman type] tiger shark. His front is white, while the rest is ochre and striped. If it wasn't obvious from his bulging muscles alone that he's a fighter, the rest of his body would be enough to convince anyone, as the guy bears a number of impressive scars. He doesn't wear anything that would cover the slit at his groin, almost daring you to check him out in the pose he strikes. A pair of small anal fins are paired around the genital slit to each side. Clothes-wise, the aquatic anthro is almost naked, with just a rope tied around his hips with a few small bags and some kelp fastened to it. What catches your eye in addition to that is a necklace around his neck - with the teeth of his past conquests strung up on a knotted cord";
if tsw_relationship is 1:
say ". You feel a shiver running down your spine; the familiar shark believes that you are nothing more than another sea dragon now. Before you get a chance to speak up, the dragon-wrestler grabs at his necklace and boasts, 'These aren't the only ones I beat. Many more have fallen before me, and you will too!'";

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