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June FS Update

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Wahn128 committed Jul 7, 2019
1 parent ba89527 commit beb6991096f5101379d29c11b3e1f5ef7cf3a7fe
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ Figure of Herm_Hyena_naked_icon is the file "Hyena_naked.jpg".
Figure of HomoSapiens_icon is the file "Homo Sapiens.jpg".
Figure of HornyDoctor_M_icon is the file "HornyDoctor_M_ig.jpg".
Figure of Hulking_Cheerleader_icon is the file "Hulking_Cheerleader.jpg".
Figure of Husky_Bitch_icon is the file "Husky_Bitch.jpg".
Figure of Imp_clothed_icon is the file "Imp_clothed.jpg".
Figure of Imp_naked_icon is the file "Imp_naked.jpg".
Figure of Imp_face_icon is the file "Imp_face.jpg".
@@ -724,6 +725,7 @@ title icon(figure name) artist backgroundcolor formatrule
"Horny Doctor_M" Figure of HornyDoctor_M_icon "Cooper" g-white "normal" [only shown for males]
"Human Survivor" Figure of Brennan_clothed_icon "SineAlas" g-black "normal"
"Hulking Cheerleader" Figure of Hulking_Cheerleader_icon "Seija" g-white "normal"
"Husky Bitch" Figure of Husky_Bitch_icon "Vashaa" g-White "normal"
"Imp Male" Figure of Imp_clothed_icon "Kupo Klein" g-white "normal"
"Imp_naked" Figure of Imp_naked_icon "Kupo Klein" g-white "normal"
"Imp_face" Figure of Imp_face_icon "Kupo Klein" g-white "normal"
@@ -1026,6 +1028,7 @@ carry out artistcredits:
say " Homo Sapiens by Astro @[line break]";
say " Horny Doctor (male) by Cooper @[line break]";
say " Hulking Cheerleader by Seija @ ?[line break]";
say " Husky Female by Vashaa @[line break]";
say " Imp by Kupo Klein @[line break]";
say " Incubus by Kupo Klein @[line break]";
say " Kangaroo by Anonymous[line break]";
Binary file not shown.

Large diffs are not rendered by default.

@@ -6289,6 +6289,7 @@ Include Text Capture by Eric Eve.
Include Apocalypse Store by DrGryphon.
Include Approaching the Capitol Building by Guest Writers.
Include Astor by Rikaeus.
Include Astroslide Field Locker-room by Kernog.
Include Astroslide Field Showers by Kernog.
Include Astroslide Football Field by Kernog.
@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ to say DashScent:
to say DashDesc:
if debugactive is 1:
say " DEBUG -> FangDash: [FangDashRel] <- DEBUG[line break]";
project Figure of Dash_icon;
say " Dash is so cute and friendly! He has a cute little fox face with eyes that shine with love as they stare up at you. His lithe and quick body is almost constantly in motion as it explores the world around you. The little fox's coloring was a bit of shock at first, with it being more brown and gray than you would have figured. Then again, maybe that is just the normal coloring for fox's when they are young like yours.";

instead of conversing the Dash:
@@ -118,6 +119,7 @@ instead of conversing little fox:
Section 1.2 - Fox Kit Menu

to say DashTalkMenu:
project Figure of Dash_icon;
now sextablerun is 0;
blank out the whole of table of fucking options;
@@ -167,6 +169,7 @@ The sarea of Abandoned Fox is "Park".
Instead of resolving Abandoned Fox:
say " Traveling through the park, you hear a strange soft noise coming from one of the nearby bushes. It sounds almost like something small calling out. Do you investigate?";
if Player consents:
project Figure of Dash_icon;
say " Pushing the screening bushes aside you find a hole in the ground, and sprawled outside the whole is a skinny looking young fox kit making pathetic noises. Staring at the young fox and the area around the den, you realize it must have been abandoned for a while at this point. Its mother hasn't been back to feed it, and has likely become another victim of the changes sweeping the city at this point. Leaving the little kit here all alone crying for help. Sighing at life's unfairness you begin to turn away only to hear the soft yipping noises take on a more plaintive note as it notices you and starts pleading for food and attention.";
if food is owned:
say " Do you help it?";
@@ -194,6 +197,7 @@ Section 1.4 - Fox Kit Scenes
Section 1.4.1 - Dash/Beta Fang

after going to Computer Lab while (HP of Fang is 2 and Dash is booked):
project Figure of Dash_icon;
say " Walking into the computer lab you're shocked to see Fang inside instead of guarding the entrance like usual. At the moment the feral wolf is laying down in front of the small cubicle that Dash has claimed for himself. Fang begins to make a soft whimpering sound in the back of his throat, the display is a little shocking to say the least, you're not used to seeing your beta attempting to make himself seem small and unthreatening. After a few moments you see the small fox kit poke his head outside the little pseudo den, his curious eyes taking in the larger wolf with some apprehension.";
say " Your beta finally acknowledges your presence giving you a curt nod, Dash takes this as his opening to make a run for it. Quickly evading Fang's attempt to catch him the fox kit hides behind your legs, you can almost picture Dash sticking his tongue out at the wolf while using you as a barrier. Fang doesn't let that stop him though, striding up to you the wolf leans his head behind you sniffing at Dash, taking in the small fox kits scent. Dash decides to yip at the larger wolf all the while looking up at you to save him.";
@@ -212,6 +216,7 @@ after going to Computer Lab while (HP of Fang is 2 and Dash is booked):
Section 1.4.2 - Dash/Alpha Fang

after going to Computer Lab while ((HP of Fang is 3 or HP of Fang is 4 ) and Dash is booked):
project Figure of Dash_icon;
say " Walking into the computer lab you're shocked to see Fang inside instead of guarding the entrance like usual. At the moment the huge alpha wolf seems to be standing guard in front of the small cubicle that Dash has claimed for himself. After a few moments Fang lets out a firm bark at the little fox's den, eventually Dash decides to poke his head out to see what all the noise is about. Unfortunately the wolf was fully expecting this and before anyone can react he strikes, picking up the little fox with his teeth. Dash lets out a shrieking sound while in Fang's mouth, surprising even yourself you launch yourself at the large wolf making every attempt to get the kit away from what appears to be a very hungry alpha!";
say " With what was more than likely meant to be a gentle push, Fang sends you flying to the ground. The great wolf then places the yipping fox kit down, but before he fully relaxes his jaws a single massive paw is settled down over Dash's tail to keep him from running away. Fang's luminescent eyes seem to smolder as he looks deep inside your own. 'The brat needs to learn to be strong!' The alphas words come out gravelly, more than likely from the fact that he only speaks so rarely. You open your mouth to respond with a comeback on your tongue only to be silenced quickly by the beast speaking to you. 'You have been a good mother for the pup... but he needs a man to make him a warrior!' [if Player is male]You can't help the confused look that passes over your face, obviously Fang picks up on it though. 'Yeah, you're male... but you coddle him like a baby that's sucking from your tits! He needs an alpha... to show him how to become a warrior in his own right one day.'[end if]";
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ to say femalehuskydesc:
if inasituation is true:
say ""; [dealt with at the source of the event]
project Figure of Husky_Bitch_icon;
say " A beautiful anthro canine covered in soft, snowy fur. She has a slim, feminine muzzle and perky, overly large ears, along with a large, fluffy husky tail. Her chest bears two firm and gropeable C cup breasts along with two B cup pairs of breasts underneath them, all of them oozing small droplets of milk. Her cream-colored tummy is slightly swollen as if she is barely pregnant, though that will probably change soon if the aching need oozing from her swollen slit is anything to judge by. It's obvious that she's become nothing more than a needy whore.";

to say fhuskywinner:
@@ -411,6 +411,7 @@ to say CrabSample: [Take sample from crab. Non-sexual.]
increase carried of water bottle by 1;

to say DashSample: [Sylvia, Julian and fox. Non-sexual]
project Figure of Dash_icon;
say " You lift the small fox onto Sylvia's bed and ask him to sit still and be brave while Sylvia gets a fur sample. However, he doesn't listen and begins to snuffle around on her duvet, taking in all the interesting smells that permeate the fabric. You hear the door open behind you and someone enter. 'Oh, hello. Who's the handsome fellow on the bed? You haven't found yourself a new man have you Sylvia?' they ask, their voice identifying them as Julian. Sylvia lets out a snort. 'I think he's a bit young for me. Maybe when he's older,' she jokes back. 'When he's tired of exploring and hopefully before finding some of the items I keep under my bed, Dash here is going to donate some fur for my research.' Julian sits on the bed, startling the young fox for a moment before the vulpine begins to nudge the dark-furred wolf, familiarizing himself with his scent. 'He's so adorable! Where did you find him?' Julian asks you, stroking the smaller canidae's back. You explain that you found him in the park and gave him some food and since then the little fox had wanted to be with you.";
say " As you tell the tale, Sylvia sits on the other side of the kit who is basking in being the center of attention. 'I'd consider kidnapping him from you and keeping him for myself, but I haven't checked the college's rules on pets since the outbreak,' the collie teases you while scritching under his chin. Judging from his current behavior you might wonder whether the fox would accept this, but you know him better than that and you imagine it would take a greater bribe than mere attention to separate him from you. Giving the cute fur donor a kiss on his snout, Sylvia stands up again and brushes the fur that has collected in her palm into a clear plastic bag and labels it. 'Julian, let the puppy go. He has important business in the city that we are keeping him from. He and his sidekick are going to save the world,' she mock scolds the wolf. With a sigh he too stands up. 'Fine. I came to tell you that Dr. Vayne wanted to discuss some of your research. Bye[if Player is not defaultnamed] [name of Player][end if].' 'Another successful sample taken but I should go and talk to Dr. Vayne. Here. Have a water bottle in payment. Make sure you share it with Dash,' the collie says as she brushes any loose fur from her clothes.";
say "[bold type]You gain a water bottle![roman type][line break]";

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