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Commits on Jul 13, 2019
  1. Restore changing character icons on import

    Stadler76 committed Jul 13, 2019
    So far I've only tested Sam. But the rest compiles too. And so far I couldn't find any flaw on my changes here.
Commits on Jul 12, 2019
  1. Fix and sync.bat

    Stadler76 committed Jul 12, 2019
    ### Changes
    #### ``
    - The download link for Inform 7 was broken. Fixed that.
    - Also fixed the borked table.
    #### sync.bat
    The symlink to `Flexible Survival.gblorb` was broken, because `%HOMEPATH%` didn't contain the drive-letter. Replaced all occurrences of `%HOMEPATH%`  with `%USERPROFILE%` to fix that.
Commits on Jul 11, 2019
  1. Fix incomplete FlightList

    Stadler76 committed Jul 11, 2019
    - Added the missing infections to the `FlightList`.
    - Fixed camel case in `Stripes/Vulpogryph.i7x` and `Wahn/Seraphim.i7x` for the sake of consistency.
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