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Ways to support the Hong Kong protests from afar
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Beyond Lennon Walls: Ways to support the Hong Kong protests from afar

Setting up a Lennon Wall or joining in a rally may be the most visible way to help the Hong Kong protests from abroad, but it isn't necessarily the best. Below are some other ideas on how to support the protest from afar.

Last updated 21 August 2019. Based on anonymous submissions. Maintained by Jason Li and Lokman Tsui.

This document in other languages: 繁體中文, Português, Italiano, Español, Deutsch, Français, Русский, 日本語, 한국어]

💰 Donate

Donate to groups that are supporting protestors on the ground:

Donate to groups supporting journalists on the ground:

Donate to these non-profit, independent news organizations so they can continue to provide coverage of Hong Kong:

Donate to these civil society research organizations:

Pitch in for supplies that protect people during police operations from this online store (but keep in mind they're currently backlogged on logistics):

🧓🏻 Organize within your community

If you’re part of a community group, association or organization, publish a statement in support of the protestors. If possible, band together with other groups to sign a joint statement.

Hold discussions within your diaspora communities, with folks who are on the fence or self-identified centrists. But approach with caution if folks are already staunchly against the protests.

🇺🇸 For US residents/citizens

Call your representatives (find their number on

  • Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.
  • Ask them to support the call to suspend future sales of munitions and crowd control equipment to the Hong Kong police.
  • Ask them to support passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act (H.R. 3289) (S. 1838).


  • Use this Action Network link to automatically find your representatives based on your address and provide an editable letter that asks them to co-sponsor the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.

Reference: Pelosi Statement in Support of Hong Kong Protestors

🇨🇦 For Canadian residents/citizens

Contact your current MP and MP candidates (find the former here):

  • Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.
  • Ask them to introduce a motion in Parliament in support of the Hong Kong protests.

Sign these petitions:

🇬🇧 For UK residents/citizens

Contact your representatives (WriteToThem helps you look who yours is):

Alternately, use Stand with HK to send an pre-written email to your MP that asks them to uphold the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.

🇪🇺 For EU residents/citizens

Contact your representatives:

  • Tell them you are very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong.
  • Urge them to pass Joint Motion for a Resolution on the situation in Hong Kong (RC-9-2019-0013_EN)

🤳🏼 Spread the word on social media

Some tips on spreading the word on social media:

  • Don't post unverified information.
  • Post trigger warnings before revealing images of blood and violence.
  • Think about your audience: Do your friends really want to read seven heavily-captioned posts, or do they prefer a single post summary?
  • Engage carefully with friends & family: Sometimes it's best to agree to disagree and move on for now.
  • Engage carefully (or not at all) with the trolls: Do you really need to win that argument on the internet with someone you don't know?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Send us your suggestions of other ways to help on email or by making a GitHub pull request to this project.

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