Work in progress dungeon crawler.
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MythosEngine - The engine for the game Ravaged Mythos

Currently a work in progress.  So far we have:
- Maps
  - Created using data stored in XML files
  - Build as a set of tiles
  - Types of terrain
    - Passable: everyone can freely walk over
    - Impassable: no one can walk over
  - Map reverts to default tile past the edge of the tileset data
- Combat
  - Basic resource system of health and mana
  - Death and respawn system
  - Players can use Abilites that
    - Modify entities mana
    - Modify entities health
    - Have cooldowns before they can be cast again
    - Have limited range that they can be cast in
- Input
  - Players can move around the map using the arrow keys or WSAD
  - Players can target entities by clicking on them
  - Players can cast spells using the number keys
- Networking
  - Uses a Nodejs server to connect clients
  - Work in progress
- UI
  - Frames
    - Entity unit frames for players and enemies
    - Spell bar showing spells and information about them
  - Game resizes depending on the size of the browser window
  - Custom UI system using XML files in progress