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Welcome to FACSvatar's documentation!

Orchestrate modules to enable OS and software independent interactive facial animation.

FACSvatar is a combination of the terms FACS and Avatar. FACS stands for Facial Action Coding System and is a way to describe a person's facial expression in terms of muscle contraction and relaxation. A single muscle group is called an Action Unit (AU) and either has a value between 0-5 or 0-1 (FACSvatar). It is a system found by Paul Ekman and is often used in affective research. Since FACS describes facial configurations, it is not only useful for affective analysis, but also for animation. More information about FACS can be found here:

FACSvatar is a modular framework that connects different software over ZeroMQ to enable both the animation and analysis of AUs. At present, a standard workflow is to use a modified OpenFace. (FACS input) that is transported and manipulated (smoothed) through FACSvatar and then forwarded to either Unity3D (real-time) or Blender (high-quality) animation.


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