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seo: a node.js server and web interface to control a SBIG camera.

Install node.js

Skip if you already installed node.js on your machine.


On Linux (other OS are treated in the previous link):

curl -o- | bash

nvm ls-remote
nvm list
nvm install lts/dubnium
nvm use lts/dubnium
nvm alias default lts/dubnium
node -v
npm install -g npm
npm -v
source ~/.nvm/

Install dependecies needed by node-fits and node-sbig. In debian-based OS:

sudo apt install g++ libpng-dev libcfitsio-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libsbig

Install this package

# Cloning and installing dependencies
git clone
cd seo/
npm install

# Linking the widgets of the module telescope-interface
ln -s ../../../web/widgets/ node_modules/telescope-interface/widgets/
ls -l node_modules/telescope-interface/widgets/

# Launching the server
cd backend/
node ./seo.js

The entry page of the web application is

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