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Discord Tweaks

A Powercord plugin that gives you small tweaks for your Discord client

Support Server (NEW)

Need help with the plugin? Feel free to drop into the support server and ask for help!


  • Always show message timestamps in compact mode
  • Hide blocked user messages
  • Hide the server badges unless you hover over of the guild name
  • Hide the Library button in the Home tab
  • Make profile avatars in the user popouts a little bigger
  • Make categories centered and have lines next to them
  • Make the guild speaker icon a little more visible
  • Rainbow mentions (like there was for @someone)
  • Rearrange the searchbar to the very top right
  • Make code blocks scrollable
  • Make role names fully show up in the user list on the right
  • Hide the Help button in the right corner
  • Hide the Gift button on the text field
  • Make guild tooltips have their old styling again

If you have a tweak that you would love to see in this plugin, just message me on Discord @ NurMarvin#1337 and I will try and add it (css snippets are appreciated but not a must to suggest tweaks).


  1. Clone this repository into your Powercord plugins folder using git clone
  2. Reload Discord using Ctrl + R
  3. You're ready and set!

How to toggle the tweaks

You can toggle tweaks under the Discord Tweaks tab in your user settings.


Small tweaks for your Discord client







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