Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom
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Unsealed: Whispers of Wisdom

An evil presence named Xios sealed the Penguins from the land of Altera. 

It's up to Lidia Terius, a member of the Free Spellweaver Foundation to
Unseal the Penguins and restore magic to the land. 

Aided by the mysterious being known as "The Whisperer", as well has her
knowledge of magic, she'll walk the lands in an attempt to restore
Magic and freedom for all!

- Source Repository: http://github.com/Nushio/Unsealed/
- Website: http://unsealed.k3rnel.net/

Building and running

For your convenience, a prebuilt Jar file has been bundled with the source code.
It includes the necessary binaries to run it on Windows, Linux and Mac. 

Building and Running this program requires the Java Virtual Machine 6.0 or above
The OpenJDK6 has been tested to build and run this game without issues. 

Building also requires Ant 1.7 or above. 

To build, just type 'sh compile.sh' on the Unsealed directory. (Without quotations)

To run, just type 'java -jar Unsealed.jar' on the Unsealed directory.

Share & Enjoy!
-Nushio & Friends