Django middleware for the Node.js JadeLessCoffee module.
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JadeLessCoffee for Node.js is a quick compiler for Jade, LessCSS, and CoffeeScript. This is a Django middleware for processing templates/src on the fly using it.


django-jadelesscoffee is not meant for a production environment. It is slow. Consequently, this middleware will only run on the Django development server.


JadeLessCoffee Node.js module. (Note that this is currently in beta until it can be a proven technique.)


$ pip install django-jadelesscoffee

Then in your Django application, include this middleware: MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( ... 'jadelesscoffee.django.middleware.JadeLessCoffeeMiddleware' )

Then add a 'src' folder in any of the TEMPLATE_DIRS and STATICFILES_DIRS entries you want to have .jade, .less, or .coffee files in.

The following commands will run at each request and will only compile files that have changed. jlc --quiet --incremental --python --out {{TEMPLATE_DIRS}} + '/src' {{TEMPLATE_DIRS}} jlc --quiet --incremental --python --out {{STATICFILES_DIRS}} + '/src' {{STATICFILES_DIRS}}