An educational tool for the reverse engineering and security assessment of Android apps
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An educational tool for the reverse engineering and security assessment of Android apps

We initially experimented with reverse engineering to explore vulnerabilities of our own apps. We learned how hackers find security gaps in our apps. Looking other apps on our phone, we also learned how seemingly legitimate apps invade our privacy.

Finally, a workflow you can live with

Android is the server. Access the details of reverse engineering from the convenience of your Mac or PC.

  • The source code is at your fingertips using the elFinder "Mac-like" file manager.
  • Your code is secure on your hardware, not on an unknown server in the Cloud.
  • Additional tools include Keystore, Shell, and Logcat.
  • DeepDive maintains the tools, you simply point and click.

Lucene — Ultra-fast search

A decompiled app can have hundreds of thousands of files and millions of lines of code. That's why DeepDive has Lucene, a near-instant search capability, the search engine behind Amazon, AOL, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Search for hundreds of keywords at a time

Search Sets are collections of Lucene Searches. Search for up to a 100 keywords at a time. The app comes with default Search Sets and you can create your own.

Tools included


  • APK extraction and unpacking
  • DEX optimization
  • Convert Android DEX to Jar
  • Decompile most Android apps
  • Private and crypto file storage
  • Instant search and search sets
  • Shell, Logcat & Keystore utilities
  • Android API 19+ (KitKat+)
  • Root not required


  • Pro version with advanced features
  • Site license and educational bundling
  • Coming soon: Linux version

Contributing Bug Reports

We use GitHub for bug tracking. Please search the existing issues for your bug and create a new one if the issue is not yet tracked.


For troubleshooting and support information, please visit the wiki.

For general questions and discussion about features, visit the forum.

Copyright Nuvolect LLC