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The CloudABI Ports Collection

The CloudABI Ports Collection is a set of recipes that allow you to cross compile and package a variety of Open Source libraries (and utilities) for CloudABI. These packages are very useful when developing your own applications for CloudABI. You will no longer need to figure out how to get the libraries that your application depends on to build. You can simply obtain them from this collection.

This collection only contains software that is cross compiled for CloudABI. It does not offer packages for any native executables for your operating system, such as a cross compiler for CloudABI. The reason for this is that it makes more sense to upstream those packages to the package collection of the respective operating system. They have the infrastructure to package these tools for a variety of architectures and versions of the operating system.

An advantage of shipping no native executables is that these packages can be installed and used on any operating system. This repository contains code to create native packages for a variety of operating systems. This means that there is no special package manager for CloudABI. You can simply use your operating system's package manager that you're familiar with to install and manage CloudABI libraries.

Accessing the CloudABI Ports Collection

Nuxi provides prebuilt packages for a variety of operating systems that are updated periodically. Please refer to Nuxi's website for instructions on how to access these prebuilt packages on your operating system.


Public support

The mailing list is used to discuss the development of CloudABI. It is possible to sign up for this mailing list and browse its archive on Google Groups.

An IRC channel called #cloudabi exists on EFnet.

Bugs and pull requests can be submitted through GitHub.

Commercial support

CloudABI has been developed by Nuxi, an IT company based in the lovely city of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Are you interested in receiving commercial support on CloudABI or any of its components? Be sure to get in touch with us at

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