Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface daemon for running CloudABI jobs
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Scuba: A Kubernetes CRI for launching CloudABI processes

Kubernetes is an Open Source cluster management suite. By default, it can be used to distributed Docker-based containers across a cluster of Linux servers. As of version 1.5, Kubernetes has turned its coupling with Docker into a separate protocol, called the Container Runtime Interface (CRI). This allows Kubernetes to interface with other container engines, such as rkt, OCI, etc.

Scuba (contraction of 'Secure Kubernetes') is a daemon that implements the Container Runtime Interface, using GRPC. Instead of spawning containers, it simply launches CloudABI processes. This allows you to spawn one or more nodes in a Kubernetes cluster, capable of running strongly sandboxed applications. These jobs don't depend on network policies, password-based authentication or key exchange to be secure. Instead, pods are simply able to connect to services if they are configured through their pod specification to do so.

Using Scuba

Scuba is still under heavy development, so documentation on using it is still absent. Stay tuned for updates in the nearby future!