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symfony v2.0.14
twig v1.7.0
monolog 1.0.2
doctrine-common 2.1.4
doctrine-dbal 2.1.6
doctrine 2.1.6
swiftmailer v4.1.7
assetic v1.0.3
twig-extensions feb6d3f10c411e2631997c0a905aa581c80305c1
metadata 1.0.0
SensioFrameworkExtraBundle 1eda94d838aa885e154f92f426df35f2252cdb92
JMSSecurityExtraBundle e752f888c51425f71382c056961f10f2be642102
SensioDistributionBundle 41a6c5caed65f02bb09c95a90579f047616471fd
SensioGeneratorBundle 83b768a487a6878f2bc2ad6859bd61a3651a7885
AsseticBundle v1.0.1
FOSUserBundle 1.2.0
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