Assists with testing file-system-based Lua scripts used by Domoticz
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What is it?

Domotest is a small library to assist with testing file-system-based Lua scripts used by Domoticz.

Why is it a thing?

I wanted to ensure that my home automation scripts were working correctly, and any changes would not break anything. That meant I wanted to have tests that could confirm the correct behaviour of the event scripts.

It turns out that getting data into a Domoticz-compatible Lua script (such as the devicechanged, otherdevices tables) requires a reasonable amount of boilerplate that would clutter the tests and make them harder to understand.

Enter Domotest.


Luarocks (Recommended)

Install the domotest rock:

luarocks install domotest

Require the domotest library in your test .lua file(s):

require 'domotest'


Clone the git repository:

git clone

Require the domotest source as a relative path from your test .lua file(s):

require 'src/domotest'


Use Domotest to load the appropriate Domoticz event script, passing in whatever data you need to test:

commandArray = domotest('script_device_bathroommotion.lua', {
  devicechanged = { ['Bathroom Motion'] = 'On' },
  timeofday = { ['Nighttime'] = true }

The return value is the commandArray table as returned from your Domoticz event script.

Have a look at the examples for a more detailed look and how it can be used with the Busted test framework.

Please note that the examples are not necessarily good/recommended ways of writing event scripts and are simply intended to show how Domotest is used.