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Stacked Bars as Gannt Chart

in reply to: making a case for stacked bars

Stacked bars are the most frequently used chart type in my work. I have to review hundreds of on hand orders each month. Following questions need to be answered:

  • Is purchase order (PO) properly placed for each item in the sales orders (SO)?
  • Do vendors’ confirmed dates to deliver meet our customers' requirements?
  • What’s the progress for goods arrival?
  • Are goods in stock duly dispatched?
  • Have we billed to the customers in time for the delivered goods?

An Excel report exported from ERP system may answer these questions. It looks likes this one.

Information in Excel file is in details, but not friendly to human brain. We love graphs. So I made some Python scripts. It can automatically sketch each order into a something like a Gannt chart, which, in fact, is no more than a horizontal stacked bar chart.

These charts give me an intuitional way to review the status of each order, and find problems early, if there are any. Thank you, stacked bars!