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This is way faster than generating our own, see #532.
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OpenVPN road warrior installer for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS.

This script will let you setup your own VPN server in no more than a minute, even if you haven't used OpenVPN before. It has been designed to be as unobtrusive and universal as possible.


Run the script and follow the assistant:

wget https://git.io/vpn -O openvpn-install.sh && bash openvpn-install.sh

Once it ends, you can run it again to add more users, remove some of them or even completely uninstall OpenVPN.

I want to run my own VPN but don't have a server for that

You can get a little VPS from just $1/month at VirMach.


If you want to show your appreciation, you can donate via PayPal or cryptocurrency. Thanks!