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Releases: Nyut0n/lifyo-livemap

LiF:YO Livemap v3.2.1

06 May 22:12
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Added knool mod support to animals layer

LiF:YO Livemap v3.2.0

29 Sep 00:13
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Added 4 new POI icons: Anchor, Horseshoes, Tent, Swords
Fixed possible crash when saving configuration with empty admin steam id
Updated server query library (SourceQuery) to support new protocol features, such as S2C_CHALLENGE
Updated Leaflet and Jquery libraries

PHP Version requirement is now 7.4 (which is the main reason for the version number bump)

LiF:YO Livemap v3.1.4

04 Feb 21:25
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Fixed: "Our Standing" / "Their Standing" in guild management table was swapped
Updated Leaflet

LiF:YO Livemap v3.1.3

10 Jan 22:02
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Fixed: Wrong JH time displayed in header when multiple JH days were defined
Fixed: Crash when loading data if certain db tables don't exist. Now shows proper error message instead.

LiF:YO Livemap v3.1.2

14 Aug 16:58
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Added: French translation from Λlfinor (Mundus Sine Nomine)
Added: T3 guild claim circle at mouse position for planner layer
Fixed: Crash/Error when renaming online players in the Character Management
Fixed: Missing animal icons, including moose icon, in animals spawn layer
Suppressed logging of failed database connections to system log (Hosted Livemaps only)

LiF:YO Livemap v3.1.1

16 Feb 14:18
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Bugfix & Quality Release:
Added: Check Time button to RCON task scheduler to help troubleshoot time/date issues
Fixed: Deleted RCON tasks were still executed until server restart
Fixed: Old tabulator.js library version being used for in-game GuildGUI view
Fixed: Missing attribution for SCEditor to credits dialog
Fixed: Wrong map image filenames and images shown for dedicated maps on config page
Updated momentjs library version

LiF:YO Livemap v3.1.0

14 Feb 00:06
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New Feature: Support for map tilesets
New Feature: RCON Scheduler (req. TTmod 1.4)
New Feature: Animal Spawn Locations (req. TTmod 1.4)
New Feature: Admin/Owner can login via Steam ID
New Feature: Text formatting for server rules and guild charters
Added: 4 new POI icons
Added: Character count to AccountIDs in Character Management table
Added: Select all/none buttons in RCON Players table
Added: List of selected characters list in RCON Players action dialog
Added: Animations for player markers when they change location
Added: World color is shown in server info dialog (Green/Red) (req. TTmod 1.4)
Changed: Custom areas now have a click-popup instead of mouseover-tooltip to show their name and description
Changed: Opacity of custom areas now changes slightly on mouseover
Northern scrolling boundaries were increased, so that guild info dialogs don't exceed the screen
Significant improvements to initial page loading speed

LiF:YO Livemap v3.0.4

04 Jan 13:19
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Fixed: Broken layout on some mobile devices in portrait mode. Includes new status icon for offline servers.
Fixed: Multiple server restart timestamps were unsorted
Fixed: Missing buttons to delete character and guild permissions in Guild Management / GuildGUI
Display white page with error message if database connection failed (instead of broken map)
Temporary implemented legacy authentication to allow migration of old v2 Livemaps
Minor interal and logging enhancements

LiF:YO Livemap v3.0.3

01 Dec 00:31
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Fixed: Error in installation script updater.php
Fixed: Layer toggle controls for PoI and areas were initialized even though no data was defined yet
Fixed: Timer for 'next midnight cycle' was off
Fixed: Online players list exceeded the screen when many players were online. It's now forced into a two-column layout.
Minor localization enhancements

LiF:YO Livemap v3.0.2

23 Nov 01:21
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Fixed: Judgement Hour tooltip showed duplicate timestamps
Fixed: Deletion dialogs were triggered when drawing new areas or poi´s in config
Fixed: Missing 'player online' indicator in guild claim popup memberlist
Added: Missing attribution for spin.js
Slightly reduced size of online player markers
Corrections in Russian locale