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This "Class" will help you make maskfields in your textFields of Titanium. For example: The postcode 99999999, will be 99999-999.


It's very easy... You just have to use this function, in the "change" textField event.



var textfield = Ti.UI.createTextField({
    hintText: "Postcode",
    left: 5,
    right: 5,
    top: 150,
    bottom: 150

textfield.addEventListener("change", function() {
    Mask.mask(textfield, Mask.postcode);

Do you need a generic mask in your field?

You will need to send three parameters in the function: regex (required), syntax (required) and maxValue (optional). See the example:

textFieldPostcode.addEventListener("change", function(evt) {
    Mask.mask(textFieldPostcode, Mask.generic, {
        regex: /^(\d{5})(\d)/,
        syntax: "$1-$2",
        maxValue: 9
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