A set of efficient extensions and classes for manipulating images and colors.
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SwiftyImages is the continuation of NYXImagesKit, it's more modern, uses Swift 3 and requires at least iOS 9.3.

It's a framework which regroups a collection of useful extensions and classes to interact with images and colors.

UIImage / CGImage extensions


  1. Brighten
  2. Contrast adjustment
  3. Edge detection
  4. Emboss
  5. Gamma correction
  6. Grayscale
  7. Invert
  8. Opacity
  9. Sepia
  10. Sharpen
  11. Unsharpen
  12. Blur


This extension is composed of a single method which allows to mask an image with another one, you just have to create the mask image you desire.

let maskedImage = myImage.masked(withImage: maskImage)


This extension can be used to crop to scale images.


let croppedImage = myImage.cropped(toSize: CGSize(width, height))

You can crop your image by 9 different ways :

  1. Top left
  2. Top center
  3. Top right
  4. Bottom left
  5. Bottom center
  6. Bottom right
  7. Left center
  8. Right center
  9. Center


You have the choice between two methods to scale images, the two methods will keep the aspect ratio of the original image.

let scaledImage1 = myImage.scaled(factor: 0.5)
let scaledImage2 = myImage.scaled(toSize: CGSize(width, height)


With this extension you can rotate, flip or reflect an image.

let reflectedImage = myImage.reflected()
let flippedImage = myImage.horizontallyFlipped()
let rotatedImage = myImage.rotated(degrees: 45.0)


This extension allows you to save an image at a specified path or file URL among these format : BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF.

let success = myImage.save(to: yourURL)
let success = myImage.save(toPath: yourPath, type: .jpg)

Operator overloading

You can combine images using the + operator, it's a top composition.

let combinedImage = img1 + img2

Creating a gradient image

let gradient = UIImage.makeGrayGradient(width: width, height: height, fromAlpha: 1.0, toAlpha: 1.0)

Creating an image from a string

let stringImage = UIImage.makeFromString("SwiftyImages", font: textFont, fontColor: fontColor, backgroundColor: bgColor, maxSize: maxSize)

UIColor extensions

Some utilities to create color from a hexadecimal value, invert a color and more.

CGContext extensions

3 functions to easily get a bitmap context :

let bmContext = CGContext.ARGBBitmapContext(width: width, height: height, withAlpha: false)
let bmContext = CGContext.RGBABitmapContext(width: width, height: height, withAlpha: true)
let bmContext = CGContext.GrayBitmapContext(width: width, height: height)



This is a subclass of UIImageView to load asynchronously an image from an URL and display it as it is being downloaded. Image caching is supported. For more informations see https://cocoaintheshell.whine.fr/2012/01/nyximageskit-class-nyxprogressiveimageview/ and https://cocoaintheshell.whine.fr/2011/05/progressive-images-download-imageio/.


Class to match colors like iTunes 11.

let analyzer = KawaiiColors(image: myImage)


SwiftyImages is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE file.