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How to update :

First you will need to install meson and ninja.

brew install meson ninja

Then download latest libmpdclient here and build it :

tar xf libmpdclient-X.XX.tar.xz
cd libmpdclient-X.XX
meson . output
ninja -C output
  • replace all files in libmpdclient-src/src with the ones from libmpdclient-X.XX/src.
  • replace all files in libmpdclient-src/include/mpd with the ones from libmpdclient-X.XX/include/mpd.
  • If the latest version of libmpdclient contains new files don't forget to add them to the Xcode project.
  • copy libmpdclient-X.XX/output/version.h to libmpdclient-src/src

In sync.c and socket.c Xcode may complain about a missing include, to fix it add the missing include in both files.

#include <sys/time.h>


Same as libmpdclient, BSDv2


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