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The following docs are for the Malicious Cable Detector by O.MG, which can be purchased here and the intro video can be found here.

The Malicious Cable Detector allows you to detect all known malicious USB cables, even the extremely stealthy O.MG Cables! Additionally, the Detector functions as a USB data blocker for safe charging.

It is easy to use: plug just the cable into the Detector, then plug the Detector into your computer's USB port. LED activity indicates signs of life!

The Detector analyzes cable behavior 200,000 times per second. And with mod-friendly hardware, you can use the 6 pin ISP header to create your own firmware. The solder jumpers allow you to enable debug output, and to select between data blocking or data passthrough.

Basic Use

  1. Plug a cable into the Malicious Cable Detector (just the cable!)
  2. Plug the detector into a computer.
  3. There will be an initial LED pulse to indicate successful power on
  4. The LED will indicate signs of life inside the cable. Different malicious cables will have different LED signatures.

LED Indicator Notes:

LED activity indicates that there are active components inside the cable. Some legitimate cables have active components inside the cable, such as the MFi chips inside of Apple cables. The Detector has some software filtering to prevent these cables from creating false positives.

The Detector is an extremely sensitive tool. Some wall chargers & battery power sources create noise that malicious cables can hide behind. To be safe, the Detector will show LED activity when excessive noise is present. If this happens, try using a different power source.

Charging & Data Blocker Notes:

Charging is designed for 500-900mA.

All data is blocked by the Detector.

Further, the PCB is designed in a way that physically prevents the microcontroller from communicate to USB devices on either end, even with firmware modification.


The 6 pin header on the PCB is a standard 6 pin ISP interface. The button on the Detector does not have a primary function with the factory firmware, and is intended for future expansion needs.


If you need warranty support, please use this Discord Invite and join the #omg-support channel for assistance.