A simple Geb-script that makes sure my domains point to the right ip, mobile broadband is a fuzz and i'm too lazy to get a static ip.
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The idea

Automate recovering from the bloody DNS reset every goddamn day.


Given: A site on a shaky mobile broadband

When: The site is down on isup.me

Then: Geb-script on a set interval to isup.me to see if the site is down every hour.


Given: The site is down on isup.me

When: Navigated to

And: Signed on through the basic auth

Then: Navigate to the unit configuration and collect the bloody WAN IP

##Loopia Given: The ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX has been collected from the router

When: Navigating to loopia

And: Signed in with private credentials for site

Then: Set the DNS to point to the collected IP