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OAS 3.0.0-rc1 Released!

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@webron webron released this 28 Apr 02:12
· 816 commits to main since this release

OAS 3.0.0-rc1 Change Log

Schema Changes

  • url is now required under the Server Object.
  • Server Variable Object's enum and default values are now string only (were any primitive).
  • servers under the Path Item Object and Operation Object has been fixed to be an array of Server Objects and not a single one.
  • The example and examples fields have been reworked, alongside the Example Object. There is no longer examples field under the Schema Object. Where examples exist, they are now a map of named examples with additional metadata for each example. The Example Object now has defined fields and is not free-form.
  • content is now required under the Request Body Object.
  • href under the Link Object has been renamed to operationRef, its description is clarified as well.
  • The deprecated field under the Schema Object now defaults to false.
  • The flow field under the Security Scheme Object has been renamed to flows.
  • Request Body's required now defaults to false.
  • Added allowReserved to the Encoding Property Object.

Descriptive Changes

  • termsOfService now MUST be in the form of a URL.
  • all description fields now support CommonMark.
  • Clarified that specific response codes (200 for example) take precedence over response ranges (2XX for example).
  • Clarified that for Parameter Object, either schema or content are required.
  • pattern under the Schema Object now specifies the regex flavor.
  • Added header restrictions. "Accept", "Content-Type", "Authorization" header paramters and "Content-Type" response headers will now be ignored.
  • Referenced a specific version of supported CommonMark.
  • Added clarifications to null not being a type (as opposed to a value).

Document Changes

  • ToC has been updated to reflect changes.
  • Fixed various anchors in the document.
  • Various examples have been fixed.

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