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Yolov2 implementation with Tengine

GitHub license

This is yolov2 implementation with Tengine.

Download required models

Download the models from Tengine model zoo (psw: hhgc).

Store these files into ${Tengine_ROOT}/models/

  • yolo-voc.prototxt
  • yolo-voc.caffemodel

This caffemodel is converted from origin darknet model yolov2-voc.cfg, yolov2-voc.weight


By default, the detected objects display with a confidence threshold of 0.24. You can change this threshold in code yolov2.cpp.

float thresh=0.24;

Build examples

cd  ${Tengine_ROOT}
make install

build as ${TENGINE_ROOT}/examples/


  1. run yolov2 by default

    • model files are tengine/models/yolo-voc.prototxt and tengine/models/yolo-voc.caffemodel
    • test image is tengine/tests/images/ssd_dog.jpg
    cd  ${Tengine_ROOT}/examples/build/yolov2
  2. run yolov2 with other models and image

    cd  ${Tengine_ROOT}/examples/build/yolov2
    ./YOLOV2 -p proto_file -m model_file -i image_file
  3. show result

    Using default input image, the output image is saved as save.jpg.

    It shows detected class and its confidence score.


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