Minecraft Sponge powered Server Docker OpenShift Container via Source to Image (S2I)
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Minecraft Server Docker OpenShift Container via Source to Image (S2I)

OpenShift (incl. minishift)

Create a project named e.g. test (on the web console or using oc new-project test), and:

oc project test

oc new-app fabric8/s2i-java~https://github.com/vorburger/s2i-minecraft-server.git

oc logs -f bc/s2i-minecraft-server

oc get pods | grep -v build

oc port-forward s2i-minecraft-server-.... 25565:25565

If you have git clone https://github.com/vorburger/s2i-minecraft-server.git locally, then you can:

oc start-build s2i-minecraft-server --from-dir=. --follow

Use the UI to Add Storage (PV) for /deployments/persistent/ to the Deployment (Application). There is no CLI yet to add a PVC, but we could use Templates to set up the PV based on a parameter (and also set memory and CPU resource limits, and healthcheck).

To expose the Minecraft server port, Edit YAML of the Service, replace type: ClusterIP by LoadBalancer, and this to ports:

- name: minecraft
  port: 25565

You'll most probably also want to remove the 8778 and 9779 ports it exposed by default (from the s2i-java Dockerfile).

This will only work if your OpenShift supports external non-HTTP traffic.

For minishift, in addition to above, you need to note the nodePort given to targetPort/port: 25565 shown to oc export svc s2i-minecraft-server, and the IP shown by minishift ip and connect to that from the Minecraft client.


If the Builds > ... > Events (not Builds > ... > #N > Events!) shows "error instantiating Build from BuildConfig ... (0): Error resolving ImageStreamTag s2i-java:latest in namespace minecraft: unable to find latest tagged image" then you can try if first doing this helps:

oc new-build https://github.com/fabric8io-images/s2i.git --context-dir=java/images/jboss

If this also fails with "error: buildconfigs.build.openshift.io "s2i" is forbidden: build strategy Docker is not allowed" then you cannot use that OpenShift instance.

Locally with Docker

Build it using S2I:

s2i build --copy . fabric8/s2i-java s2i-minecraft-server

Run it with with an ephemeral world for a first quick test:

docker run --rm -p 25565:25565 s2i-minecraft-server

or with a persistent world on a volume (NB -v not --mount, even for volumes):

docker volume create test-universe
docker run --rm -p 25565:25565 -v test-universe:/deployments/persistent/ s2i-minecraft-server

docker volume inspect test-universe
docker volume ls
docker volume rm ...
docker volume prune

NB: Using -v with a direct absolute path to a local host directory is NOK and leads to: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /deployments/persistent/universe/world.

Debug it with:

docker run --rm -it s2i-minecraft-server /bin/bash

What else?

The sources are in the .s2i/ directory, which you may not see if you are filtering .*