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<li class="sonicliving"><h3>SonicLiving</h3><p class="hidden"><a href="">SonicLiving</a> was born as a concert listing service. When Gabe pitched us the original idea it fell flat. But, we were intrigued with the team and stayed close as their bigger opportunity unfolded. What convinced us to get off the fence and into the trenches was a stack of products targeted at getting people off the couch, away from the computer and connecting in real life around all kinds of events. The SonicLiving event stack is in use by major music artists, movie studios, TV shows and consumer facing web services.</p></li>
<li class="strobe inactive"><h3>Strobe</h3><p class="hidden">When Charles Jolley wrote the original version of the Sproutcore open source project, there was no iOS, no Android, no WP7 and no modern browsers on any mobile devices. But as Sproutcore evolved it was clear the project and its contributors saw the power of the mobile web as a delivery mechanism for rich native-like consistent experiences, regardless of the device or OS they were delivered on. <a href="">Strobe</a> is taking Sproutcore to the next level and offering a suite of services and utilities that deliver on the promise of mobile web across any and all devices.</p></li>
<li class="opencandy"><h3>SweetLabs</h3><p class="hidden"><a href="">SweetLabs</a> was founded with a simple premise; help developers get their software discovered and help them make money. That guiding premise has helped shape the company and the decisions they make. We like that. The founders know what it takes to build big businesses having taken their last company public. We like that too.</p></li>
- <li class="timehop"><h3>Timehop</h3><p class="hidden"><a href="">Timehop</a><!-- OATV Blurb Here! --></p></li>
+ <li class="timehop"><h3>Timehop</h3><p class="hidden">A we live increasingly large parts of our life online, we leave trails of what we do across many social networks. All of those tweets, checkins, updates, and shared photos are documenting real moments in our lives. <a href="">TimeHop</a> resurfaces those past moments, and there's an appealing nostalgia component to that.</p></li>
<li class="tripit inactive"><h3>TripIt</h3><p class="hidden">At the time we met the <a href="">TripIt</a> founders, we were seeing a trend among hackers and alpha geeks around creating lightweight email bots. That emerging trend among Alpha Geeks, combined with a killer team with a track record of success in the travel industry, made TripIt a clear choice for investment. By turning flight, hotel, and car rental confirmation emails into simple travel itineraries, Tripit disrupted the travel industry. TripIt was acquired by Concur Technologies for $120M in 2011. The founders <a href="">discuss the TripIt acquisition here</a>.</p></li>
<li class="wesabe inactive"><h3>Wesabe</h3><p class="hidden"><a href="">Wesabe</a> was started by a good friend of OATV, Marc Hedlund, to tackle a very big problem- helping consumers take control of their personal finances. Despite taking an early lead in this emerging category, Wesabe failed to get enough adoption to become self sustaining. The lessons learned from Wesabe have informed may of our decisions related to data driven business and the potential to improve or enhance others behaviors based on the decision actions of collective user base. Marc <a href="">wrote a great postmortem on Wesabe here</a>.</p></li>

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