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OpenANX Decentralised Exchange Token Sale Smart Contract
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The openANX project has been rebranded to OAX (short for Open Asset Exchange)
to emphasize independence from ANX, where the inception of the idea happened.

The URL is taken and its owner was not responding,
hence we couldn't just rename the `openanx` GitHub org to `oax`, but instead
we moved to GitLab for now, until some more ["decent"](
[solution]( takes off ;)
Latest commit c87163f Nov 14, 2017

openANX Decentralised Exchange Token Sale Smart Contract

Notice: Further development on the broader project is moved to the OAX GitLab group





Bug bounty program:

Table of contents

Finalised Crowdsale Statistics

The public crowdsale was finalised at Jul-04-2017 05:01:14 AM +UTC, 12 days after the start, in block 3971324 with tx 0xf7ba25c7.

Following are the statistics for the public contributions to this crowdsale:

Following is a chart of the public contributions to this crowdsale:

Raw data for the statistics above can be found in scripts/TokensBought_20170704_150051-final.xls.

Following is the EtherScan token page for openANX:

The token distribution at the end of the crowdsale can be found in scripts/tokenBalancesByAccounts.xls.

Statistics from


  • Jun 19 2017 - LOW IMPORTANCE - Jordi Baylina has pointed out that the first part of require(msg.value > 0 && msg.value >= CONTRIBUTIONS_MIN); is not necessary. This first part has been removed.

  • Jun 20 2017 - LOW IMPORTANCE - Darryl Morris has pointed out that CONTRIBUTION_MIN and CONTRIBUTION_MAX should be marked as const. The code has been left as-is.

  • Jun 21 2017 - Loi Luu - openANX Audit

  • Jun 21 2017 - LOW IMPORTANCE - Brian See has pointed out that PrecommitmentAdded(...) is not used, as the Transfer(0x, participant, balance) provides the same data. The code has been left as-is.

  • Jun 21 2017 - Hugh Madden has provided provided the following, and will update the OpenANXToken.sol code or update this rate using setTokensPerKEther(...):

    20 June 2017 23:59:59 eth close data = $359.01
    Price in USD    359.01
    Value of 1k ETH    359010
    price per token    0.75
    tokens per K of ETH    478680

    I have confirmed using an alternate method:

    ETH per token = .75 / 359.01 = 0.002089078
    This is the same as 1 / .002089078 = 478.680000001 OAX per ETH
    tokensPerEther = 478.680000001
    tokensPerKEther = 478,680
  • Jun 22 2017 - Darryl Morris - code review report with local copy. From his review, Darryl has also reported to the Solidity team bug #2441 Address literals not being treated as "compile-time constant" as address public TRANCHE2_ACCOUNT = 0xBbBB34FA53A801b5F298744490a1596438bbBe50; could not be set as a constant.

  • Jun 22 2017 - OpenANXToken deployed to 0x701c244b988a513c945973defa05de933b23fe1d, LockedTokens address is 0x3866259bc60e5b69d5c438db238d3b4c9db37bcb and wallet at 0x2b3b67c6dffc2bcdda2315491eac9bbe868fbcdd

  • Jul 04 2017 - Hugh Madden executed the finalise() function in transaction 0xf7ba25c7 at Jul-04-2017 05:01:14 AM +UTC.


  • Token Identifier

    • symbol OAX
    • name openANX Token
    • decimals 18
  • Tranche 1 30,000,000 (30%) OAX Crowdsale Dates

    • START_DATE = 1498136400 Thursday, 22-Jun-17 13:00:00 UTC / 1pm GMT 22 June 2017
    • END_DATE = 1500728400 Saturday, 22-Jul-17 13:00:00 UTC / 1pm GMT 22 July 2017
  • Total of 100,000,000 OAX tokens

    • Tranche 1 30,000,000 (30%) OAX Crowdsale
      • Soft cap of 13,000,000 OAX (ETH equivalence of USD 9,750,000)
      • Hard cap of 30,000,000 OAX (ETH equivalence of USD 22,500,000)
      • Tokens from precommitments funded via fiat and other currencies will be included in this tranche
    • Tranche 2 30,000,000 (30%) OAX - locked for 1 year from token launch for Additional Token Sale (ATS)
      • 30,000,000 Tranche 2 token sale - Additional Token Sale (ATS). These tokens are subject to a lock-up for 1 year from token launch
    • 20,000,000 (20%) OAX retained by the foundation, locked for 2 years from token launch
    • 20,000,000 allocated to founding supporters (directors, advisors and early backers) of the foundation, consisting of:
      • 14,000,000 (70%) locked for 1 year from token launch
      • 6,000,000 (30%) locked for 2 years from token launch
  • OAX Token Price

    • The price for an OAX token will be set as the equivalence of USD 0.75 ETH based on ETH/USD @ 12:00 GMT Jun 21 2017
    • The indicative price per OAX token is 0.00290923 ETH as of 8 June 2017
      • 1 OAX = 0.00290923 ETH
      • 1 ETH = 1 / 0.00290923 = 343.733565238912015 OAX
    • This will be encoded as an unsigned integer, 1,000 ETH = 343734 OAX with six significant figures tokensPerKEther = 343734
  • Precommitments

    • Some participants will be able to purchase the crowdsale tokens through precommitments using fiat and other currencies
    • openANX will allocate the tokens for these participants prior to the public crowdsale commencement
  • Minimum Funding And Refunds

    • There is no minimum funding level in the smart contract as the precommitments already exceed the minimum funding level
    • There is therefore no requirements for this crowdsale contract to provide refunds to participants
      • ETH contributed to the crowdsale smart contract will be immediately transferred into a wallet specified by openANX
  • Crowdsale Wallet

    • The wallet receiving the ethers during the crowdsale has to be specifed as a parameter during the deployment of the crowdsale contract
    • This wallet address can be changed at any time during the crowdsale period
  • Minimum and Maximum Contributions

    • There is the ability to set a minimum and maximum contribution per transaction. Set one or both of these to 0 if this restriction is not required
  • Soft And Hard Cap

    • There will be a soft cap and a hard cap specified in the crowdsale smart contract
    • openANX will be able to execute the finalise() function to close the crowdsale once the number of issued tokens exceeds the soft cap
    • openANX will also be able to execute the finalise() function after the crowdsale end date if the soft cap is not reached
  • finalise() The Crowdsale

    • openANX calls finalise() to close the crowdsale, either after the soft cap is breached to the end of the crowdsale period, or after the crowdsale end date
    • The finalise() function will allocate the 1 and 2 year locked tokens, unsold tranche1 tokens and tranche2 tokens
  • KYC

    • Participants can contribute to the crowdsale by sending ETH to the OAX 'openANX Token' smart contract and will be issued OAX tokens
    • Participants will only be able to transfer their issued OAX tokens after being successfully KYC verified by openANX and unless otherwise agreed by Open ANX Foundation, in no circumstance shall such transfer be possibly prior to the Release Date scheduled for July 29th (being one week after the scheduled end of the Contribution Window).
    • There will be no refund if the KYC verification is determined to be unsuccessful
    • The KYC smart contract will just encode a simple Yes/No on an accounts KYC status
    • Once KYC approved, an account cannot be KYC disapproved
    • OAX tokens are otherwise able to be transferred freely without further KYC requirements
  • Unsold Tranche 1 Tokens

    • Any tokens unsold from the tranche 1 quota will be locked away for 1 year along with the tranche 2 tokens
  • Locked Tokens

    • Accounts holding 1 or 2 year locked tokens will also be able to participant in the public crowdsale
  • Burn function

    • Work out who can burn the tokens - owner only, or anyone


  • BK Complete KYC functions
  • BK Testing different scenarios
    • Scenario where funding below soft cap and above soft cap
    • Unlocking of tokens in 1 year and 2 years
    • Public crowdsale participant can also have locked tokens
  • BK Add functions in the main contract to query the locked balances for accounts
  • BK Develop and test token contract upgrade path
  • BK Develop test membership contract to test users burning tokens for membership
  • BK Complete Security Audit.
  • JB Security audit

Operations On The Crowdsale Contract

Following are the functions that can be called at the different phases of the crowdsale contract


  • Owner can call setWallet(...) to set the wallet address

  • Owner can call kycVerify(...) to verify participants, but this should be done after the crowdsale as the participants can transfer tokens immediately after being verified

Before Start Date

  • Owner can call setTokensPerKEther(...) to set the token issuance rate
  • Owner can call addPrecommitment(...) to add precommitment balances

After Start Date And Before End Date Or Finalised

  • Participants can send ETH to the default () function and receive tokens
  • Owner can call finalise() if soft cap breached or we are past the end date

After Finalised

  • Owner calls kycVerify(...) to verify participants, but this should be done after the crowdsale as the participants can transfer tokens immediately after being verified
  • Participant can call the normal transfer(...), approve(...) and transferFrom(...) to transfer tokens

After 1 Year And 2 Years

  • Participants with locked tokens can called the lockedTokens.unlock1Y() and lockedTokens.unlock2Y() to unlock their tokens
    • Find the address of the LockedTokens contract from the lockedTokens variable in the token contract
    • Watch the LockedTokens address using the LockedTokens Application Binary Interface
    • Execute unlock1Y() after 1 year has passed, or unlock2Y() after 2 years has passed, to unlock the tokens


See test for details.

Deployment Checklist

  • Check Solidity release history for potential bugs
  • Deploy contract to Mainnet with specified wallet address as the deployment parameter
  • Verify the source code on
    • Verify the main openANXToken contract
    • Verify the LockedToken contract

Enjoy. (c) OpenANX and BokkyPooBah / Bok Consulting Pty Ltd 2017. The MIT Licence.

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