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OAX Client

DEPRECATED to be replaced by the new Rinkeby testnet client.

Client side code to interact with the rinkeby test net deployment of the trustless OAX Exchange. At the moment the functionality includes

  • Funding of wallet.
  • Deposit into exchange contract.
  • Querying balance information.
  • Placing orders.
  • Querying order book.
  • Withdrawal from exchange contract.

In this preview version you can trade OAX and WETH tokens.


npm i @oax/client


To use the cli

npx oax --init

This will generate a config.json in the current directory.

If you would like to use an existing menmonic, add it to config.json with the walletMnemonic key. Otherwise the CLI will generate one for you the next time it runs.

To see the available commands run

npx oax

To obtain tokens to trade you first need some rinkeby Ether (see Then use the CLI to convert these to WETH tokens

npx oax buy WETH 1.1
npx oax buy OAX 1.2

where the number at the end is the amount in Ether you will convert.

Finally deposit your tokens into the exchange by running

npx oax deposit WETH 1.1
npx oax deposit OAX 1.2

To see your deposit

npx oax fetchBalances

To place an order

npx oax createOrder BUY OAX/WETH 0.5 1.23

See client-cli.js for examples of programmatic use.

Not yet implemented

  • Order cancellation. In this deployment orders expire when the round advances.


CLI interface to the OAX DEX







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