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Ahoy mateys!

Hop aboard me BOAT - time to raise the black flag and set sail across the seas of crypto.
We be makin' shark bait out of hornswagglin' devs and their deceitful promises. Scallywags spammin' scamcoins across the trollboxes will walk the plank! I be lookin’ fer the meanest seadogs, swashbucklers, and adventurers to join me crew, as we sail the seven seas collecting booty and plunder!

What in Davy Jones’ locker are ye landlubbers waitin’ fer? Open yer ports, hop aboard, and join me swashbuckling network of pirates in search of precious Dubloons!

Here be the coin specs:

Ticker: BOAT

Total coins: 500,000,000 Doubloons

Algorithm: HMQ1725

Pillaging ends at Block: 750,000

Block Time: 90 seconds

Difficulty Retargeting:

Block Reward: 150 Doubloons

PoS Info: 5% interest

Staking: Minimum 4 hrs, Maximum 1 day


33827 main, 33728 testnet


33828 main, 33882 test

Premine: 15000000 BOAT for the salty seadogs @ Cryptopia & novaexchange

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