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Getting started

CDN77 is a content delivery network run by DataCamp Limited (UK). CDN77 API allows you to run a wide range of commands and tasks from an external script or server on CDN77.

The basic idea of this tool is to make CDN77 aware that there is new content available, so it removes ("purges") all data for a specific site / CDN resource from CDN77, tries to fetch sitemap.txt, and make CDN77 preload the content of the URLs found.

Building and dependencies

UPX and Unix make are required to build.

We aim for deterministic builds, so all dependencies are part of this repository. The dependencies are:


cdn77-refresh --login=LOGIN --token=TOKEN --site=SITE
  • --login Account name (email address) for CDN77
  • --token API Token, needs to be generated in the profile section on
  • --site "CDN Resource" in CDN77

Typical run for would be:

Reading resource list from CDN77 ... ok
Searching for ... resource id <1234>
Starting 'purge-all' ... ok
Fetching sitemap from ... ok
Starting 'prefetch' of '' ... ok



Released under the MIT License