Build docker container for sbserver (proxy for Google Safe Browsing APIs v4)
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Build docker container for sbserver, proxy for Google Safe Browsing APIs v4.

Building and dependencies

UPX, UNIX make, and Docker (CE) are required to build.

sudo docker build . -t objectcomp/sbserver


Please get an API-Key from Google Developer Console.

sbserver runs on port :8080 by default. To make sbserver accessible from the outside world, this example simply maps host port 8080 to container port 8080:

sudo docker run --name sbserver -e APIKEY=<our API-key> -p 8080:8080 sbserver

Output should be similar to the following

safebrowsing: 2018/03/04 09:51:35 database.go:111: no database file specified
safebrowsing: 2018/03/04 09:51:40 database.go:243: Server requested next update in 30m18.537s
Starting server at
safebrowsing: 2018/03/04 09:51:42 database.go:389: database is now healthy
safebrowsing: 2018/03/04 09:51:42 safebrowser.go:551: Next update in 30m18.537s

Test call

As sbserver is running, we can now call the API with a random entry taken from

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{ "threatInfo": { "threatEntries": [ {"url": ""} ] } }'


	"matches": [ 

Docker Hub

Please find the resulting image on