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Onacms (aka: "Oh No! Another Content Management System!") is not a full featured content management system, but a content management engine written in Go (Golang). It is considered to be really fast for it deliveres all content from memory.

Although Onacms knows about outputing content, minification, and ETags, it heavily relies on a full featured webserver like NGINX or Apache Httpd as a frontend for most other stuff, e.g. logging or TLS (transport layer security)

Getting started

Onacms makes use of the following three concepts:

  • Nodes (aka: pages) (/nodes): this is where your content goes. Content can be plain html or Markdown.
  • Templates (/templates): templates take the content from nodes and generate the actual output, e.g. html pages for a website, sitemap.txt, etc. Templates can be written in the builtin Golang html templating engine.
  • Static/public files (/public): these files are handled by onacms in the same way that you would expect from any other webserver. Use it e.g. for media files or for static files like robots.txt.

Let's build and run onacms:

Building and dependencies

UPX and UNIX make are required to build onacms.

Please run make to build.

We aim for deterministic builds, so all dependencies are part of this repository. The dependencies are:

The vendor directory is updated periodically.


We provide a Dockerfile to use onacms in a Docker container. Please see

docker pull objectcomp/onacms-go

To start the container and map a local directory to /data and a local port to 10000/TCP, e.g.:

docker run --name=mysite -p 10000:10000 -v /home/user/dir/:/data:ro objectcomp/onacms-go


bin/onacms [--dir=<directory>] [--port=<TCP port>] [--log-output=JSON]

directory is the directory containing the actual site (/nodes /templates /public).

TCP port is the TCP port the daemon listens on. It defaults to 10000.

log-output set to JSON to support e.h. Logstash

Onacms does not log interactions with clients! Please use the frontend webserver to have information like Client IP address, bytes transferred, etc. logged.


Released under the GNU Affero General Public License. Kindly contact for information on licensing for OEMs / ISVs.