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Plant Environment Ontology
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Pankaj Jaiswal
A structured, controlled vocabulary which describes the treatments, growing conditions, and/or study types used in plant biology experiments.
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Ontologies as integrative tools for plant science.
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Planteome uses EO to describe traits for genes and germplasm
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Genes and proteins annotated to cold temperature regiment
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Gramene uses EO for the annotation of plant genes and QTLs
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Gramene annotations to cold temperature regiment

A structured, controlled vocabulary for the representation of plant environmental conditions.

Planteome logo

Note this ontology is replaced by PECO.

Migration Guide from EO to PECO

If you are using classes like EO:nnnnnn then you should be able to substitute this for PECO:nnnnnn, as all of the numeric parts of the ID are preserved.

For a more robust mechanism, peco.obo contains alt_ids, and peco.owl contains the equivalent replaced_by assertions, which point from an obsoleted EO class to the corresponding PECO class.

If you have any issues you can report them here: