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This is a cryptocurrency (social) experiment with an open yet to be figured out roadmap from the community.

This is the initial v1.0 source code. Network starts March 1st, 2017. Unix time: 1488326400

Please check relevant forum (bitcointalk) if new updated forks are used.

There are no seed nodes so your wallet will not connect, again see forums for users posting their IP addresses for bootstraping.

About the coin:

  • Name: OCProtocol Ticker: OCP
  • Fork of Blackcoin (added miner (setgenerate), removed alert function, cleaned up the forks, other details below)
  • Block time: 10 minutes (effectively 5 minutes, since pow and pos blocks are targeted at 10min)
  • PoW mining algorithm: SHA256T (Tripple Sha256)
  • Max coins: 21 milion (approximate)
  • Addresses start with 1 (same as bitcoin)
  • P2P Port: 8881 RPC Port: 8882

Reward scheme:

Proof of Work:

  • NO REWARD until height 500 (to avoid lowdiff instamine)
  • After block 500, reward is 50 COINS.
  • Halving every 4 years (every 420480 blocks)

Proof of Stake:


OCP on web and social:

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