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Business Requirements Management via Odoo
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Business Requirement Management

This repository concentrates features for Business Analysis in general, and Business Requirements in particular.

The Business Requirements features start as independent entities, and can be used as standalone. Additional modules integrate them with other business areas, such as Sales, Procurement, Project or Analytic Accounting. So a Quotation can have an estimation supported by a BR analysis, and Project Tasks can be related to the BRs they implement or support.

Available addons

addon version summary
business_requirement Manage the Business Requirements (stories, scenarios, gaps and test cases) for your customers
business_requirement_deliverable Manage the Business Requirement Deliverables and Resources for your customers
business_requirement_deliverable_cost Control the cost of your Business Requirements
business_requirement_deliverable_crm Create your sales quotations directly from the Business Requirements deliverables
business_requirement_deliverable_project Create projects and tasks directly from the Business Requirement and Resources lines
business_requirement_deliverable_project_task_categ Adds Task Categories to your Business Requirement Resources
business_requirement_deliverable_resource_template Manage default resource lines in your deliverable sales package from product template
business_requirement_deliverable_resource_template_categ Manage default resource lines categories in your deliverable templates
business_requirement_earned_value Follow-up project completion (estimated / consumed)
business_requirement_etherpad Manage the Business Requirements Notes via Etherpad
business_requirement_gap_analysis_task Add Gap Analysis Task to your Business Requirement

Translation Status

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OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.

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