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Localization for Chile

Chile localization for Odoo

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
connector_acp nelsonramirezs Get your documents signed by an Authorized Certification Provider
connector_acp_ftp max3903 Support FTP protocol as a connector backend.
connector_dicom nelsonramirezs Get and store financial score from Dicom
connector_dicom_crm nelsonramirezs Get and store the Dicom score of your leads
l10n_cl_chart_of_account nelsonramirezs Chile Localization Chart Account SII
l10n_cl_currency_rate_sbif danisan Update UF, UTM and US Dollar exchange rates using SBIF
l10n_cl_etd nelsonramirezs Sign and send documents to SII.
l10n_cl_etd_account nelsonramirezs Sign your invoices and send them to SII.
l10n_cl_etd_stock nelsonramirezs Sign your delivery orders and send them to SII.
l10n_cl_etd_xerox max3903 Use Xerox electronic document communication.
l10n_cl_etd_xerox_fsmroute max3903 Generate electronic documents for FSM Day routes.
l10n_cl_invoicing_policy nelsonramirezs Ticket, Invoice or Electronic Guide
l10n_cl_product max3903 Manage product codes for electronic invoicing
l10n_cl_sii nelsonramirezs Provides the Settings > SII menuitem
l10n_cl_sii_activity nelsonramirezs Set the SII Activity on Partners
l10n_cl_sii_folio nelsonramirezs Sign your documents and send them to SII.
l10n_cl_sii_reference nelsonramirezs Store document references using SII nomenclature
l10n_cl_sii_reference_account nelsonramirezs Store document references using SII nomenclature
l10n_cl_toponym nelsonramirezs Cities, States and Regions of Chile
res_partner_email_etd nelsonramirezs To receive Electronic Tax Documents

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