[9.0] [l10n_fr_siret] new:add siret unicity #61

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njeudy commented Feb 1, 2016
  • Add siret unicity constraint.
  • Shown final user company name that already has this siret number
njeudy added some commits Feb 1, 2016
@njeudy njeudy new: [l10n_fr_siret] add siret unicity
- Add siret unicity constraint.
@njeudy njeudy fix: restore .pot file
@gurneyalex gurneyalex commented on the diff Feb 8, 2016
@@ -58,6 +57,12 @@ def _get_siret(self):
@api.constrains('siren', 'nic')
def _check_siret(self):
"""Check the SIREN's and NIC's keys (last digits)"""
+ # Check unicity of siret
+ for partner in self.env['res.partner'].search([('id', '!=', self.id),('siret', 'not in', [False,''])]):
+ siret = str(self.siren) + str(self.nic)
+ if siret == partner.siret:
+ raise ValidationError(_("Siret must be unique !\n It was defined for '%s'.") % partner.name)
gurneyalex Feb 8, 2016 Member

why not a UNIQUE SQL index on siren + nic ? I'm concerned about performance issues with this implementation.

njeudy Feb 8, 2016

@gurneyalex you're right it could be better to use UNIQUE SQL index on big database .. will try it and update code accordingly.

@legalsylvain legalsylvain added this to the 9.0 milestone Mar 25, 2016

@njeudy setting needs fixing for now.


I agree that siret unicity is a good idea. But, if we have siret unicity as default, we should also have vat number unicity as defaut, but there is no such thing in the official addons nor in the OCA addons (at least I'm not aware of). So I don't know what to think about this. But, in the end, I tend to think that having siret unicity by default is a good thing in most scenarios... the problem is that it's not consistent with the handling of the vat field.

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