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Odoo Dutch localization project

This repository includes all the Odoo 13.0 modules developed to fit the specific needs of the Netherlands. For more info check the issues sections and the wikipages in this GitHub project or the main page of the project in the official OCA website (


Deze repository bevat alle modules welke ontwikkeld zijn om Odoo 13.0 aan te laten sluiten bij de Nederlandse behoeftes. Voor meer informatie kunt u de issues sectie en wiki pagina's in deze GitHub bekijken, of de hoofdpagina bezoeken van dit project op de officiele OCA website (

Available addons

addon version summary
l10n_nl_account_tax_unece Auto-configure UNECE params on Dutch taxes
l10n_nl_bank Import all Dutch banks with BIC code
l10n_nl_bsn Burgerservicenummer (BSN) for Partners
l10n_nl_location_nuts NUTS specific options for Netherlands
l10n_nl_oin Adds Dutch OIN field
l10n_nl_postcode Dutch postcode validation for Partners
l10n_nl_tax_invoice_basis Enable invoice basis on tax according to the Dutch law
l10n_nl_tax_statement Netherlands BTW Statement
l10n_nl_xaf_auditfile_export Export XAF auditfiles for Dutch tax authorities

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Odoo Dutch Localization



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