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Pylint Odoo plugin

Enable custom checks for Odoo modules.

Short Name Description Code
attribute-deprecated attribute "%s" deprecated W8105
attribute-string-redundant The attribute string is redundant. String parameter equal to name of variable W8113
bad-builtin-groupby Used builtin function itertools.groupby. Prefer instead. More info about odoo/odoo#105376 W8155
category-allowed Category "%s" not allowed in manifest file. C8114
consider-merging-classes-inherited Consider merging classes inherited to "%s" from %s. R8180
context-overridden Context overridden using dict. Better using kwargs with_context(**%s) or with_context(key=value) W8121
deprecated-odoo-model-method %s has been deprecated by Odoo. Please look for alternatives. W8160
development-status-allowed Manifest key development_status "%s" not allowed. Use one of: %s. C8111
except-pass pass into block except. If you really need to use the pass consider logging that exception W8138
external-request-timeout Use of external request method %s without timeout. It could wait for a long time E8106
invalid-commit Use of cr.commit() directly - More info E8102
license-allowed License "%s" not allowed in manifest file. C8105
manifest-author-string The author key in the manifest file must be a string (with comma separated values) E8101
manifest-behind-migrations Manifest version (%s) is lower than migration scripts (%s) E8145
manifest-data-duplicated The file "%s" is duplicated in lines %s from manifest key "%s" W8125
manifest-deprecated-key Deprecated key "%s" in manifest file C8103
manifest-maintainers-list The maintainers key in the manifest file must be a list of strings E8104
manifest-required-author One of the following authors must be present in manifest: %s C8101
manifest-required-key Missing required key "%s" in manifest file C8102
manifest-version-format Wrong Version Format "%s" in manifest file. Regex to match: "%s" C8106
method-compute Name of compute method should start with "compute" C8108
method-inverse Name of inverse method should start with "inverse" C8110
method-required-super Missing super call in "%s" method. W8106
method-search Name of search method should start with "search" C8109
missing-readme Missing ./README.rst file. Template here: %s C8112
missing-return Missing return (super is used) in method %s. W8110
no-raise-unlink No exceptions should be raised inside unlink() functions E8140
no-wizard-in-models No wizard class for model directory. See the complete structure C8113
no-write-in-compute Compute method calling write. Use update instead. E8135
odoo-addons-relative-import Same Odoo module absolute import. You should use relative import with "." instead of "odoo.addons.%s" W8150
odoo-exception-warning odoo.exceptions.Warning is a deprecated alias to odoo.exceptions.UserError use from odoo.exceptions import UserError R8101
print-used Print used. Use logger instead. W8116
prohibited-method-override Prohibited override of "%s" method. W8107
renamed-field-parameter Field parameter "%s" is no longer supported. Use "%s" instead. W8111
resource-not-exist File "%s": "%s" not found. F8101
sql-injection SQL injection risk. Use parameters if you can. - More info E8103
test-folder-imported Test folder imported in module %s E8130
translation-contains-variable Translatable term in "%s" contains variables. Use %s instead W8115
translation-field Translation method _("string") in fields is not necessary. W8103
translation-format-interpolation Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8302
translation-format-truncated Logging format string ends in middle of conversion specifier E8301
translation-fstring-interpolation Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8303
translation-not-lazy Use %s formatting in odoo._ functions W8301
translation-positional-used Translation method _(%s) is using positional string printf formatting. Use named placeholder _("%%(placeholder)s") instead. W8120
translation-required String parameter on "%s" requires translation. Use %s_(%s) C8107
translation-too-few-args Not enough arguments for odoo._ format string E8306
translation-too-many-args Too many arguments for odoo._ format string E8305
translation-unsupported-format Unsupported odoo._ format character %r (%#02x) at index %d E8300
use-vim-comment Use of vim comment W8202
website-manifest-key-not-valid-uri Website "%s" in manifest key is not a valid URI W8114


You do not need to install manually if you use pre-commit-config

But if you even need to install it

pip install pylint-odoo

Usage pre-commit-config.yaml

Add to your ".pre-commit-config.yaml" configuration file the following input

    - repo:
        rev: v9.1.2 # may be a tag or commit hash
        # Add to your .pylintrc file:
        # [MASTER]
        # load-plugins=pylint_odoo
        - id: pylint_odoo


pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo -e odoolint path/to/test

or use configuration file you can generate the OCA one using the following template repository:

Then running

pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc path/to/test

Example to test only pylint_odoo checks:

pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo -d all -e odoolint {ADDONS-PATH}/*

There are checks only valid for a particular Odoo version To know what version of odoo are you running pylint needs the parameter

pylint --load-plugins=pylint_odoo --valid-odoo-versions={YOUR_ODOO_VERSION}

with particular odoo version e.g. "16.0"

Checks valid only for odoo >= 14.0


Checks valid only for odoo <= 13.0




To run all the tests run:


Use extra parameters to change the test behaviour

e.g. particular python version

tox -e py310

e.g. particular unittest method

tox -e py310 -- -k test_20_expected_errors

e.g. all the tests at the same time in parallel

tox -p auto


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.