A high-level language for Tezos with OCaml syntax, with a decompiler from Michelson
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Liquidity: a Smart Contract Language for Tezos

Liquidity is a language to program Smart Contracts for Tezos. It uses the syntax of OCaml, and strictly complies to Michelson security restrictions.

The Liquidity Project

The Liquidity project contains:

  • A compiler from Liquidity files (.liq extension) to Michelson
  • A de-compiler from Michelson files (.tz extension) to Liquidity
  • An evaluator of Michelson contracts

The Liquidity Language

The Liquidity language provides the following features:

  • Full coverage of the Michelson language: Anything that can be written in Michelson can be written in Liquidity

  • Local variables instead of stack manipulations: values can be stored in local variables. The only restriction is that local variables do not survive to Contract.call, following the philosophy of Michelson to force explicite storage of values to limit reentrancy bugs.

  • High-level types: types like sum-types and record-types can be defined and used in Liquidity programs.


The master branch contains the latest stable release. The next branch contains the upcoming version: the language on the next branch is for experimentation, and features may be modified before the next release.

Installation and Usage

See USAGE.md.


Documentation can be found in docs/liquidity.md and many examples are in the tests and tests/others directories.


All features of Michelson are supported in Liquidity. All tests from https://github.com/tezos/tezos/tree/alphanet/test/contracts can be decompiled to Liquidity and recompiled to Michelson.


The current roadmap is:

  • Development of an online editor for Liquidity

  • Development of a proof assistant for Liquidity contracts