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OCaml benches opam repository

Intended to be used as the base for tests at

opam 2.0 only.

Definition of switches to bench

Every compiler defined in this repository (packages with flag: compiler in their definitions) will be built in a specific switch. This should only concern all included versions of the package ocaml-variants.

If the switch exists already, it's made up-to-date. Bench switches that no longer have a definition here are removed from the bench suite and from the results.

Definitions of benches

The list of benches is obtained from the dependencies of package all-bench.

In each of the switches above, opam attempts to install all benches (with the new --soft option, so that it doesn't fail for the ones that aren't available). Then operf-macro is run, sequentially, in each of them, and the results are gathered and uploaded to the server at

Other packages

Missing pieces of dependencies for recent compilers, workaround packages, etc. may be added to this repository to ensure the benches can be compiled on the desired OCaml branches. Be sure to update the benches to require workaround packages only when necessary, e.g.:

depends: [ "ocaml-variants" { != "4.05.0+foo" } |
           "ocaml-variants" { = "4.05.0+foo" } & "my-workaround-package" ]

Related tools

Benches from here are run every night on a dedicated host provided by OCamlPro using this shell script. Included in the script are some indications about the required setup.

Benches are run and results provided by operf-macro.

The visualisation is done on OCamlPro's web servers using this tiny cohttp server.