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## 1.6 (unreleased)
* support for conditional directives #if/else/...
## 1.5.2
* small emacs binding fix
* compatibility with cmdliner 0.9.8
## 1.5.1
* generic handling of ppx keywords
* much improved vim binding
* changed installation location of vim bindings (to share/ocp-indent/vim/indent) for easier autoload
* don't increase indentation level for sequences of try..with
* support for '[@'
* restore back-alignment of '&&', '||' after 'if' and 'when'
* support for extensible variant types
## 1.5
* new vim binding
* support for ppx lwt keywords
* fixed indentation at BOF and EOF in some cases
* back-alignment of '&&' and '||' disabled
* tweaks to functor, struct and module indentation
* support for ppx attributes
* lots of fixes and tweaks
## 1.4.1
* OCaml 4.01.0 warnings fix
* fixed indent of lwt try/finally
* sort Jane Street tests by priority
* added support for BENCH syntax
* added support for the new {xx| |xx} quotation syntax
* emacs mode: cleaner loading
* emacs mode: fixed the 'syntax' option
* emacs mode: workaround an auto-complete.el display bug
* emacs and vim modes: install in editor-specific directories
* refactored build system. Install through opam-installer, register libs as ocamlfind sub-packages
## 1.4.0
* license change: lessening the GPL to make ocp-indent easier to use as a library
* removed indent by default after most common operators (when align_ops is set)
* removed extra-indent in some pattern-matching cases
* fixed a few bugs related to records, lazy as pattern, "module with"
* added support for the cstruct syntax extension
* fixed Makefile to properly install all cmi files, working around an ocp-build bug
## 1.3.2
* bug-fix release: object types, module type of, first line, etc.
## 1.3.1
* optimised functional operators on OCaml 4.00
* fixed a bug in phrase boundary detection
## 1.3.0
* Large API rewrite, offering much more flexibility and functionality
* Still some bug fixes (comments at end, nested ocamldoc tags, etc.)
* Man-page fixes (thanks to Kaustuv Chaudhuri)
* Temporarily disabled the non-functional state-marshalling function
* Emacs mode: auto-disabling indent-tabs-mode by default, it's not compatible
## 1.2.2
* Fixed critical bug with the parsing of the --syntax option
* a few indent fixes (functor sigs, comments in expressions)
## 1.2.1
* Fixed bugs with GADTs, comments at end of modules
* Fixed compilation with OCaml trunk (warnings as errors)
* New vim script, contributed by Jonathan Derque
* New option "strict_else" to allow unindenting after else
## 1.2.0
* Lots of fixes
* Switched most operators and constructs with parentheses to column aligned by
default (can be disabled with option align_ops)
* Better handling of records
* Some code cleanup (record fields with meaningful names)
* Documentation and manpage (now relying on cmdliner)
* Added an option (max_indent) to limit over-indent in the most annoying cases
* Syntax extensions can now be enabled from the configuration files
## 1.1.0
* Small fixes, stabilised ocamldoc indentation
* Support for configuration files, either user or project-wide
## 1.0.2
* Supporting indentation of ocamldoc. In particular, code within
ocamldoc blocks {[...]} should be automatically indented
* Fixed the emacs mode not to set the mark
* A few new configuration options (strict_with, strict_comments, align_params)
* A few tweaks and improvements (better empty line indent, etc.)
* Bugfixes (#43, #47)
## 1.0.1
* Indentation of comments now follows ocamldoc conventions properly
* Partial indent adapts more closely to manual indentation
* Various small fixes (indent on empty lines, freeform comments...)