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@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@
# Copy to the root of your project, customise, and transparently get consistent
# indentation on all your ocaml source files.
+# Starting the configuration file with a preset ensures you won't fallback to
+# definitions from "~/.ocp/ocp-indent.conf".
+# These are `normal`, `apprentice` and `JaneStreet` and set different defaults.
# Number of spaces used in all base cases, for example:
# let foo =
# ^^bar
@@ -83,11 +83,10 @@ transparently ensure consistency in projects with many contributors, without
requiring them to change their settings in any way (except that, obviously, they
need to use ocp-indent !).
-ocp-indent will look for `~/.ocp/ocp-indent.conf` to setup its default, then
-search for a `.ocp-indent` file in the current directory and its parents,
-stopping if one if found. These parameters can still, of course, be overridden
-by the environment variable `OCP_INDENT_CONFIG` or the command-line options, in
-this order.
+If a `.ocp-indent` file is found in the current directory or its ancestors, it
+overrides definitions from `~/.ocp/ocp-indent.conf` and the built-in default.
+The command-line can of course still be used to override parameters defined in
+the files.
Have a look at ocp-indent's own [`.ocp-indent`](.ocp-indent) file for an

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