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Easy access to the interface information of installed OCaml libraries for editors like Emacs and Vim.
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doc Better error reporting on bad Cmi/Cmt format
m4 ./configure; make; make install
src Improve output formatting
test Properly qualifying types
tools Allow jumping to module files
.gitignore Improve .gitignore, add .merlin.
.merlin Allow backslash escapes in --format
.ocp-indent Added .ocp-indent
CHANGELOG Bump version and update CHANGES
LICENSE License change: lessening GPL
META Bump version and update CHANGES
Makefile Replace ocp-browser. Fixed lambda-term ./configure lookup
Makefile.simple build/install: indexScope.cmi within ocp-index-lib Pointing to as primary source of documentation
configure Bump version and update CHANGES Bump version and update CHANGES
opam Bump version and update CHANGES

ocp-index is a light-weight tool and library providing easy access to the information contained in your OCaml cmi/cmt/cmti files. It can be used to provide features like library interface browsing, auto-completion, show-type and goto-source.

ocp-index is part of TypeRex, developed and maintained by OCamlPro. Documentation to install and use this tool is available on

It is released under LGPL v3 with linking exception.

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